Essential Wellbeing


My name is Christina Lyne and I have been working as an Aromatherapist since 1999.  I love working with essential oils; using them in my everyday home life and for my clients and with my other therapies.  I would love everyone to have a good level of knowledge about essential oils and how they can [...]

The Rational Health Service


If you are interested in lively conversations about physical health, injuries and why some things get better and why some don;t then you'll enjoy the Rational Health Service. It brings together different health professionals and scientists to discuss health related topics such as pain, injuries, surgery and much more.

The 3rd Eye

On The 3rd Eye we like to look a little closer. Barry Tanner takes a 30-minute bi-weekly audio-gaze at Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Largely voluntarily regulated and used by millions CAM is loved and loathed in equal measure. With his program guests Barry explores the facts and fabrications which make natural healthcare such a controversial [...]

Food For Thought

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Life & Loving It

After receiving an injury whilst on duty, Louise Johnson decided it was time to become an ex-police officer. She then trained as a holistic therapist and held NHS staff clinics as well as having her own practice. As a child, Louise was expelled from Sunday school for asking too many questions! Thankfully she hasn’t changed much. Louise’s guests [...]