Guest post by Amanda Weller Body Talk Practitioner in Surrey.

imgres-2One of the things that I love about BodyTalk is that it doesn’t work with ‘labels’. People come with all manner of labels – and often they are very attached to them for one reason or another, or many! Labels such as:

Allergy to …


Irritable bowel syndrome

Chronic fatigue


Hay fever


Autoimmune disease, etc., etc., the list goes on ….

Obviously I listen and take on board their issues so I am fully aware of the client’s reasons for coming to see me, but the minute I start working I am “in neutral”. This is vitally important. No diagnosis, and no preconceptions as to what is to be worked with, or how. The joy of this approach is that it frees up the session so that things are addressed in the right order, in the right way, according to the client’s needs at that particular moment. This allows for any underlying causes to be addressed, rather than working with symptoms.

The beauty of The BodyTalk System™ is that there is the potential to work with balances at all levels physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. In effect, as a practitioner I have lots and different windows and doors into the same room. The enormous variety of “tools” that I have at my disposal means that the focus can be on things as varied as:

Releases of tension from a particular body part

Rebalancing long-held patterns of behaviour

Releasing stress and anxiety

to balances at microbial and cellular levels, meridians or chakras, to name but a few.

And, in case you are wondering, to clarify, I should mention that despite the name, BodyTalk is NOT a talk therapy! It is an energy therapy that, through muscle testing (in the case of in person sessions), allows the client’s whole system to come up with what it knows are the priorities. It is my observation of these links that in effect galvanizes any shifts. Basically, this is working from the understanding that everything is consciousness and ripples down from that to the physical.

It is also possible to have remote BodyTalk sessions, rather than in person. These can happen in any of three ways:

over the phone

over Skype

or I can use myself as a surrogate for the client and, in those instances, I make an audio recording of the session which I then email to them, wherever they are in the world.

This ‘whole healthcare’ system is a joy to work with – and clients like it too! It’s gentle to receive but results can be profound.

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