Have you ever considered that you are the meaning maker of your life?

In every situation, and on every subject, you get to make up/decide/perceive the meaning you give. Not only do you attribute the meaning–you can change the meaning, or even make one up–any time you like.

Want to know more? Then tune into this week’s Beyond Beliefs to find out more. In this show I discuss how this works, and why it doesn’t matter if the meaning to attribute is true or false.

On the way you will discover just how powerful your beliefs are, as well as making a choice on whether you would rather be right or happy. It’s a fast and fully packed show as always; it’s my intention that when you finished listening you can be in a place of compassionate curiosity, and will be willing to ask yourself, “How do I want to BE in relation to this (person, thing, situation)?

If you could make up a meaning for your life that uplifts you, what would it be?

As always my ramblings are punctuated with beautiful music. This week’s offerings come from Gary Lynn Floyd, Annie Sims, and my dear friends Lisa Ferraro and Erika Luckett. If you love the music you hear please buy it. These amazing musicians are all independent artists making their music for our joy. They need our support to keep doing what they do.