This week I would like to talk a little bit about the chakra system. You can’t look online for anything related to energy medicine or alternative health without coming across articles about the chakras.

In this show I discuss what chakras are and I focus on the first three of the seven major energy centres – the base, sacral and solar plexus.

Listen in to find out how you can balance your base chakra to stay grounded, focused and secure. You need a strong foundation if you want good health and starting with the base chakras is the thing to do. Learn how colour can help restore balance and find out about grounding exercises too.

Moving to the sacral chakra I talk about how we often deny ourselves pleasure in life. We are programmed to think life has to be a struggle. I will tell you how to restore balance to this energy centre so that you can have healthy pleasure in your life and start to enjoy life more. Human beings naturally move towards pleasure and away from pain – learn to listen to what your body wants and needs.

I round up this show with a look at the solar plexus chakra – the fire in your belly! I talk to you about how the base and sacral chakras are the fuel for your fire and that you need balance there in order to keep your fire lit. Learn how to use the energy of this chakra to make things happen in your life and to take charge of your destiny.

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