New Year, New You – Part 1 of 4: Stop It! Let’s Get Started

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If you want change it’s time to STOP what you’re doing, and START something different.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” ~ Henry Ford

It’s logical to recognise the wisdom in Henry Ford’s quote; yet how many of us keep on doing the same things, expecting change, but never achieving it. If we want to have different experiences in our life, we need to change our actions. We also need to change our mind. Success is limited if we only change our actions without addressing our mindset. What we believe is possible is effecting our outcomes, and the only way to change that is to change our minds.

I think of it more like a software upgrade.

We are hardwired for joy, harmony, well-being, health, and wholeness. During the course of our lives we get infected with viruses that tell us something different. And just like a virus in a computer, the virus in your mind can be eliminated, the software can be updated, and you can start to optimise your existing systems to create the changes you’re seeking and embrace the life of your dreams.

This may all sound very technical. Actually, it’s quite simple. Anyone can do it. But before you can, there is one really important question you need to answer for yourself…

Are you willing to change?

Change is the nature of creation. There is no tree on the planet that isn’t in a change your mindset conceptconstant state of change. There isn’t a moment in your life when you are not changing–you’re just not aware of it. Every second cells are dying, new cells are being born, and micro-organisms are transforming your body, through digestion, elimination, cell repair, and myriad other functions. You are constantly changing, yet when it comes to changing our beliefs, perceptions, behaviour and mindset, we humans can be awfully resistant.

In this week’s Beyond Beliefs show I’m introducing you to some simple new ideas and I’m inviting you to make this year your best year yet. I’m committed to making this year my quantum leap year, and I’d love to share it with you. It’s time. You are ready, let’s take the leap.

Fear is natural, but it doesn’t have to stop you.

As the late Susan Jeffers said, “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” When we start something new, even if it’s starting the think in new ways, our ego mind rebels and we feel fear. Don’t let it stop you. Fear will show up in all kinds of ways; mostly as the chattering voice in your head telling you a million reasons why this new thought, or new idea, will never work and you ‘should’ stay safe and stay the same. You get to choose. Even though it feels like there is a committee of other thinkers in your head sometimes, they are all facets of you. YOU are the only thinker in your mind, and you can take charge of what’s happening in your head, and body.

This is part one of a four part series to get you started in an amazing year. If you want to have a different experience in your life, whether it’s greater health, or wealth, more fulfilling work, deeper, more loving relationships, or a stronger connection with your Source, this is the program to listen to. You can even watch it too, as part of my new year is to bring the radio show to TV land. The YouTube video will be up in the next couple of days.

Listen to Stop It! Let’s Get Started now.

You are worthy and deserving of a fabulous life far beyond your dreams. Nothing outside of you is holding you back – you have the power, it’s who you are. Let’s do it. 🙂

All my love,