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There are three things you probably do everyday, possibly every minute of everyday, which, if you would stop doing them, you could transform your life.

In this week’s Beyond Beliefs, Juliet takes us through these three simple things and explains how to change these habits as well as what the benefits are if we stop.

Would you like to feel better about yourself and your life?

Would you like to have the confidence to make changes to your job, relationships, or health?

If you will stop doing these three things, you will see these changes starting to manifest in your life.

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As always, Beyond Beliefs is punctuation with thought provoking uplifting music. This week you will here Kit Holmes with What U R, Michael Gott with What if Now, and Karen Drucker with I Don’t Have to be Perfect. These musicians are independent, and rely on us buying their music to keep producing more. So if you hear something you want to hear again please follow the links and buy their music.

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