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Jackie is a lifelong explorer, a living example of learning from experience and transforming past pathways into present possibilities, who has spoken at TEDx Edinburgh, and is a published author.

One of Jackie’s great passions is in using everyday objects, nature and life to facilitate wellbeing and understanding of self. Her down to earth, grounded approach has earned her a great reputation as an accessible guide on the paths of self-development and exploration.

A healer first and foremost, Jackie works to ensure the changes she facilitates for her clients are lasting ones by passing on the knowledge and skills to put the Self back into self development.

Inclusivity and accessibility are key values for Jackie as is FUN!

Jackie trained as a coach and has mastered in NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Timeline Therapy.  Her training in various shamanic and spiritual practices have given her the opportunity to explore Time Bending with Tom Evans.

She is the creator of : The Emotional Surgery, The Coach’s Companion and Meander ME-treats

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