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The Shortcuts Show is all about living life to the full; finding the shortcuts to happiness, love, success and greater self-confidence. These shortcuts are simple in nature but can be challenging to execute as they are going against our conditioning and what we have believed about life and ourselves up to now. The shortcuts remind us that life is better when we drop the drama, stop believing our own stories, let go of trying to control so much, do less, trust more, relax more, open up more and flow with life rather than fight it all the time.

Choose to live from the heart- is the fundamental message of the show. This means being true to ourselves, understanding who we are and endeavouring to fulfil our potential each day. The challenge of open heart living is significant as in choosing this path we are going against the ‘norm’ or what society conditions us to be i.e. head centred!

This show focuses on the whys and hows of living from the heart, it encourages listeners to step into their hearts more, embrace vulnerability and discover how powerful this place actually is…………….and have lots of fun in the process!

Eoin McCabe
Eoin McCabe has been involved in Coaching and Coach Training since 2000 and is a Founder Director of one of Ireland’s leading Coach Training institutes, the Irish Lifecoach Institute (ILI). Eoin has spent almost 20 years working with individuals and groups, across all sections of society (from prisons to classrooms to corporate board rooms), enhancing their self-awareness to create more enriching and successful personal and professional lives. He holds a Masters Degree in Education (Specialising in Career Development) –Trinity College, Higher Diploma in Education (Trinity College); A Higher Diploma in Career Guidance & Counselling (UCD), his degree is the UCD B.Agr.Sc and also holds a Diploma in Biocognitive Psychology. Eoin is a certified NLP practitioner, Emotional Intelligence assessor (Bar-OnEQI), and MBTI & 16PF assessor. He is certified by the British Psychological Society in Level A (Occupational) and Level B (Personality) testing. He is also a certified Toastmaster. As one of Ireland’s first Lifecoaches, Eoin has trained and coached hundreds of individuals and groups from a broad range of corporate, public and private sector companies. His media appearances have included radio interviews and an expert guest appearance on The Ripple Effect for ABC and FOX network channels. He has written many articles on the areas of career and personal development in both magazines and press. As is an experienced speaker he gives workshops, talks and seminars in the areas of personal & business coaching and personal development.

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