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My name is Christina Lyne and I have been working as an Aromatherapist since 1999.  I love working with essential oils; using them in my everyday home life and for my clients and with my other therapies.  I would love everyone to have a good level of knowledge about essential oils and how they can improve your wellbeing.  I teach student therapists who want to gain a qualification in aromatherapy but I also would like everyone to have this knowledge, not just those who want to work in the industry.

This radio show is all about Essential Oils and how they can affect and improve your Wellbeing but it is also about many different complementary therapies.  My aim is to get as much information out to the listeners about the different complementary therapies that are available and so my guests included many different experts from the complementary therapy industry.

Essential Oils are there to complement your health and wellbeing and are not an alternative to your GP.  So if you do have any concerns about your health then you must consult your GP.  Any information given by myself is my opinion only and should not be taken as a diagnosis.  Please visit your GP if you have any health concerns.

My ultimate aim is to give everyone a knowledge and understanding of essential oils so that you can all use them safely and effectively at home in your everyday life.

I really hope you enjoy my show.

Christina Lyne

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