IN this interview I talk to author, speaker and three principles practitioner Ami Chen Mills-Naim about the deeper meaning of the principles and how they point to exaclty the same message as advaita or non-duality does.

Ami Chen Mills-Naim is a global speaker, coach, trainer and author of State of Mind in the Classroom: Thought, Consciousness and the Essential Curriculum for Healthy Learning, and The Spark Inside: A Special Book for Youth.

With her late father, the social scientist Dr. Roger Mills, she co-founded the non-profit Center for Sustainable Change, and served as its Executive Director and Education Director for a decade. She has been an international speaker on innate wellness and resiliency, and a trainer of the “Three Principles” for more than 17 years, as well as a “trainer of trainers.”

Ami spent part of her childhood on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, where her father became a student of author and philosopher Mr. Sydney Banks. Besides the Principles, Ami’s spiritual studies from a young age have spanned a wide range of teachers, authors and traditions.

Ami has worked with children, youth, families and communities for more than 20 years. Through relationships with major foundations, Ami developed large-scale community resiliency projects involving schools, community agencies, parent groups and private partnership.

Through her writing, teaching and project leadership, Ami has made a significant impact on spiritual consciousness, globally, and has been instrumental in producing literature and video programs on applications of the Principles with youth, families and in communities across the USA.

She is former Director of the National Community Resiliency Project, funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. In addition, Ami is an award-winning writer and journalist, who hosted her own radio show and podcast, “On the Front Porch with Ami Chen: Spiritual Dialogues for the 21st Century.” Find podcast links to iTunes and Feedburner at the radio show page.

Ami’s current focus is on helping families, educators and children through sharing and expanding an understanding of the Principles, of innate wisdom and “the living Truth.” Moreover, Ami shares the profound potential of our true nature, and the simple power of Love to help end needless suffering.

Full information on Ami here: www.amichen.com