In this month’s pod I am chatting to my good friend Kirsty about her personal journey over the last couple of years. Kirsty and I went to school together (quite a few years ago!) and a couple of years ago when she found herself dealing with a marriage breakdown, severe work stress and growing anxiety, she called me to see if I could help.

We had a coffee and a catch up and Kirsty explained to me how her marriage had broken down and how she had previously been suffering from post-natal depression. To add to those already stressful events, she had also just received a promotion in an already overwhelming job and it was all proving to be too much to handle. She was a single mum with a child under 5 trying to be all things to all people.

With a sense of growing unease and unhappiness Kirsty’s body started to give her signals that it was time to address the problem. It was time to stop using crutches like food, alcohol and keeping busy – it was time to realise that she couldn’t do it all anymore and something had to give.

Kirsty had lost herself along the way, like many of us do. In the pod you will hear her talk about how Reiki helped her find herself again and how she experienced a vision of her inner self during one of the sessions. She also talks about how she has found her self-confidence again and learned how to make decisions by living in the here and now.

Kirsty has gone from being an overwhelmed, burnt out shell of her former self to a glowing, beautifully empowered and re-invigorated woman – and all because she realised that it was time to make self-care a priority. She also was ready and willing to let Reiki into her life so she could take back the control that she had lost. She was brave enough to make some massive life changes and as a result has rediscovered a sense of inner peace and happiness.

If this pod can help just one person reach out and seek help to overcome what is causing them stress or anxiety then it has been worth it. It is not easy to share a personal story and I am sure you will appreciate Kirsty’s candor and honesty as she talks about the massive life changes she has gone through in the last couple of years.

If this pod resonates with you or touches you in any way I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me via social media or my website.

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