In this month’s pod, the second in my Reiki & Me series, I am talking to Kerrie about her battle with anxiety and overwhelm.

Kerrie is a fun-loving and outwardly confident woman who is often the joker in the group. What is hidden beneath the surface of that comedian is a girl who actually struggles with self-esteem issues and someone who often thinks she is not good enough. Only those of us who know her well are privy to this side of her and, as her partner, I get to see this hidden side more than most.

For her to be brave enough to share her story to the public and to talk to me about her recent battles with anxiety and past issues with depression and stress, is no mean feat. She is stepping far outside her comfort zone in letting me record our chat and I hope that you will support her in doing so.

In the pod you will hear how she leaned on Reiki for support and how she has found herself recently laid bare by a Reiki Master attunement process. She also talks about how modifying her mindset, changing her diet and getting out into nature have all helped her overcome her worries and made her stronger than ever before.

If listening to this pod helps just one person with similar issues reach out for help or feel supported then it will be worth it. I can’t thank Kerrie enough for agreeing to be interviewed for this series of podcasts.

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