In the last of my Reiki & Me pods I am talking to Ashley Wood – Reiki Master Teacher from Ashley Wood Beauty in Lurgan.

I first met Ashley in 2016 when he came along to a Tarot course I was running. He was brilliant at reading the cards – he has a natural flair for it – and over the weeks we got to know each other and built up a fabulous rapport.

Ashley runs his own beauty salon in Lurgan. As you can imagine when Ashley was at school and said he wanted to study beauty therapy he found that the path was not particularly easy. However he overcame the stigma and derision of being a male beauty therapist and now is a respected┬ámake-up artist, teacher and salon owner. His material needs were being met but he wanted to “get his zen on” and work on his spiritual path.

He told me that he wanted to move more into the holistic side of the business and that he had previously taken Seichem Reiki Levels 1 and 2 as part of his beauty therapy training. At that time, Ashley felt that Reiki was taught as another therapy – another thing that you had to offer to clients. There was no emphasis on the personal healing and spiritual development side of it.

I told him about my Reiki School and how I taught Reiki and he decided to retake his Reiki training with me over the course of a year. He worked through all the levels with a new fire in his belly as this time it meant so much more to him and he could feel the power and benefit of learning Reiki this way.

You will hear in his pod about how things have changed for him over the course of this last year and how his life has improved.

Last month he completed his studies with me and I took him through his teacher training so that he could go on to teach Reiki to others himself. Ashley is one of the most wonderfully gifted Reiki Masters I have ever had the pleasure to work with and he has graciously agreed to share his Reiki journey with me for Natural Health Radio so that others can perhaps feel inspired to learn Reiki for themselves.

Have a listen to the pod and I would love to hear your comments and views. Please do leave a message or connect with me via Facebook. For more information about Rocks n Rituals Reiki School please visit my dedicated Reiki Training site – Reiki Training NI.