New host Justin Zalewski presents “The Healer From Within” show on Thursdays @ 21:30 GMT.


Hi, I’m Justin Zalewski.
My passion in life is Health, Healing and Nutrition.
I own and run where I sell the highest quality Superfood Nutrition that I can find on the planet. I also work as a healer using NLP, Hypnosis, Trance and where possible Raw and Organic Superfoods.

A lot people lead unhealthy lives and end up getting degenerative diseases, of which most of these are completely preventable and in many cases totally reversible. One of the recurring themes I see with people is that they’re looking for the magic bullet or miracle cure. This Does Not Exist. The cure to almost every disease is your body’s own immune system.

When you nourish your body, cleanse it, hydrate it and exercise it, but most importantly of all, deal with any unresolved emotional issues, your health will take care of itself in the most effortless way…
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