Everyone and everything on this planet and in the universe is vibrating at a subtle level. We are all made up of atoms and molecules which, at their fundamental and smallest level, are energy. Everything is in a state of constant flux and change. Nothing is still. Everything vibrates.

From the moment we are born our emotions affect our vibration. We learn to react in certain ways and often come up with defence mechanisms to deal with difficult emotional responses. These reactions get stored deep in our psyche and become learned or conditioned behaviour.

In the Western world we are taught that we are separate from each other. We perceive ourselves to be separate entities and we are not therefore made aware that we all affect each other on a vibrational scale. We are not taught to observe our emotional responses, process and deal with experiences. Instead we are taught, quite often, to bury our feelings, get on with things and put other people before ourselves.

Emotions & Vibrational Analysis

We are often not taught to love ourselves enough. We are told it is selfish or wrong. We become fearful if we are asked to do things outside of our comfort zone and as a result our vibration changes.

We worry and as a result we put out a lower, negative vibration which in turn causes the universe to match that energy frequency and give us back more of the same.

Notice how your day goes when you insist that “it’s going to be a bad day”. This is why it is vitally important to be aware of your emotional state and your associated vibrational state.

We are all like ripples in a big pond – our energy affects other people around us, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You always make a difference in people’s lives – the secret is to ask yourself “What sort of difference do I make?”

The human emotional vibration ranges from low vibrations like guilt, shame and apathy to higher vibrations like acceptance, love and joy. As you get sucked into a negative or downward spiral so your vibration lowers and you attract more of the same.

When you are caught in lower vibrational frequency things can seem hard to overcome. People often become overwhelmed and ill when they are on a constant state of low vibration. However, in today’s world we are very fortunate to have many tools, therapies and information available that can powerfully help us.

Choosing in a determined fashion to observe how you react when in you are in certain situations, and objectively looking at why you felt and reacted that way, helps you to recognise patterns of behaviour. It helps you to overcome the lower vibrational frequency and choose to raise your vibration. When you become aware of your emotional state you can do something about it. You need to see what there is to see and feel what there is to feel before you can make any changes. Once you start operating from a place of higher emotional frequency your life will dramatically improve.

Breaking negative cycles is paramount in raising your emotional state to mainly experiencing higher frequency vibration emotions such as joy, love and acceptance. It is as easy as making a conscious choice to no longer behave in this way. Then you begin the journey of finding information, tools and techniques right for you to start breaking the constancy of these lower emotional reactions, choosing to act from love as often as you can, and congratulating yourself when you do move through challenging situations in a higher and higher emotional state. Self scrutiny becomes a habit and an effective tool. Your positive behaviour helps raise the vibration of others involved. The goal is to be living life as much as possible from a place of love. Ask yourself often – what would love choose?

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