Lisa Arthur Reviews – NEW FORMAT with MORE MUSIC!

Airs Tuesday 18th November 8-9pm UK time

Going against the grain....

Going against the grain….

There’s a lot of products to get through – so the new format of the show will be shorter, snappier reviews, with a debrief on the blog, then some music, a bit of chat on the regular features like Oh My Goodness Me moment of the week, then some music, insights, and some music…. you get the drift!

Food & Drinks this week include Rebel Kitchen Mylk DrinksPrimal Kitchen Paleo BarsBon Pom Spicy Chick Peas and the Oh my goodness me rant about sneaky GMO in hummus grrr.

So there’s just as much music as talk – with exclusive plays of tracks you can’t find anywhere else – Feverous Tea, DJ Rob Phoenix and Maya Blu (well, you can get that one on You Tube!).