How smart? VERY!

How smart? VERY!

This week, there’s a water bottle that’s very clever- perfect for those of you who like to add something (electrolytes, greeens) and also like your water filtered…. (Told you it was smart).

I will be reflecting on motivation – towards people and away people – and how we’re wired differently. It could make all the difference if you know which one you are.  Plus how do you know if your goals and decisions are aligned? (one easy sentence…. I promise).

And I will be sharing my rather comical ‘universe manifestations‘ which include a dog coat, hair grip and a business contact – all because I was in the flow and doing without thinking.  Oh – I’ll give you an update on the 5k running training too!


Of course, there’s some music, breaks for you to put the kettle on, and such like!

Oh Yea, join me, Lisa Arthur on Tuesday evenings 8-9pm UK and again on Sunday 10-11 AM UK.
water bottle 1