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Lisa as a film reviewer

Lisa turns into a ‘nice’ film reviewer to try and address the balance of negative news reporting and distortion in the media. Clearly this is a photoshopped image of me (falls off desk laughing – of course it’s not)

This week I’ve been exposed to some ‘media’ – I came across a copy of the Daily Mail and accidentally started reading it AND I caught a news channel at the gym. I make a point of avoiding the media as much as possible, so it’s been some time since I was exposed.

Frankly, I was not happy and it took a couple of hours to shake it off, as our friend Taylor Swift would sing. So to balance all that toxicity, this week there will be reviews of films that are wonderful, with as little voilence and killing as I could possibly find, and a good storyline.

Saving Mr Banks (the story of how Walt Disney persuaded the very English Mary Poppins writer to do a film). Carries you along a wonderful storyline.

The Theory of Everything – the story of Stephen Hawking as told from his wife’s books. Very British.

The Imitation Game – the story of Alan Turing and the Enigma machine. Wonderful, sad.

Birdman – with Michsel Keaton. Not so ‘sweet’ but extremely well directed. Had me transfixed.

Join me for some lighthearted chat about these films, other snippets, and some music.
Lisa Arthur Reviews Tuesday 8-9pm  and Sunday 10-11am UK Time