Chia Pod - like frogspawn but much tastier!

Chia Pod – like frogspawn but much tastier!

Lisa Arthur Reviews Tuesday 4th November 2014 8pm UK Time

So…….. Lisa’s Food and drink reviews this week are:
Chia Pod deserts BOTH Vanilla Bean and Mango ( so good she tasted it twice!)
and how they compare to a home made cheaper version.

There could be a mini rant on how good Tescos is for stocking raw food products and how rubbish they are at the top -as thats in the news right now.

Oh and the the coco water investigation experiment grinds to a disappointing hault. Life’s too short to chase the big corps – so Lisa is picking one out of the pack purely based on price and an award – Go Coco!

There’s also music from funkster DJ Robert Phoenix and we will all listen to the beautiful voice of the delicious Michelle Escoffery.

And the Oh My Goodness Me Moment, Healthy Lifestyle Solution of the week plus all the regular features and catch ups.

Join Lisa on Tuesday 4th November at 8pm UK. It’s actually quite a good listen.