David Icke ‘post Wembley’ Download. Aired Tuesday 28th October 8-9pm UK time
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Lisa Arthur Reviews will be talking about alternative thinker, hard hitting ‘exposer of truth’, and some call spiritual messenger David Icke. He has a 10 hour show at Wembley on Saturday 25th October.


David Icke Marathon Speaking Event

David Icke Marathon Speaking Event

Lisa will start with David Icke’s early career as a professional footballer and BBC commentator, through to what happened after he was ridiculed on the Wogan show, and talks about his demise in the media when he started to speak his truth.

Next Lisa will discuss how he stuck to his guns, published a number of books, started to speak to small audiences and how his persistence has started to pay off – he now has a following that is gathering in numbers – and this October it’s filling Wembley Arena.

Then Lisa will try and share her insights from the day – you see, what was ridiculed 20 years ago people are now much more ready to hear. His predictions, his insights and his message. It is not for the feint hearted.

It will make your neurons fizz. This is right up Lisa’s street- fizzy neurons are just what the doctor ordered!

UPDATE::::  Well, Lisa has survived, and put her thoughts to the airwaves! Find out what she experienced.

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