WOWbutter - fake peanut butter - a'safe' option? Peer pressure is discussed around this replacement food

WOWbutter – a’safe’ option?

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This week there’s Lisa’s reaction to ‘fake’ peanut butter – called WOWbutter – she’s not sure about it, but understands why, and talks about peer pressure and ‘replacement’ foods.

Most excellent are the Beond bar ‘bites’ – an organic fruit bar in the right size.

And so you can listen and have a bit of a sing and a dance, there’s music from her friends DJ Rob Phoenix, Michelle Escoffery as Maya Blu.

UK Electro beat DJ Rob Phoenix... nod your head, tap your foot' n roll your shoulders!

UK Electro beat DJ Rob Phoenix… nod your head, tap your foot’ n roll your shoulders!

There’s the usual features; oh my goodness me moment, healthy lifestyle solution of the week, and the no central heating experiment gets serious now it’s November and there’s frost.

Her favourite person right now is beautiful soul creator of gorgeous energy transmitters, Michal P from Poland. He exhibited for the first time in the UK – and he makes these beautiful Merkabas. Lisa says ‘I wanted to talk with him all day and sit under that Merkaba (pictured below)  forever’. Michal and his creations will be featured in an upcoming interview show – but for now Lisa will just whet your appetite.

Sit under one of these and you know about it!

Sit under one of these and you know about it!


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