Are you are parent? If so you NEED to listen to this show! Christy speaks with Richard Curtis, also known as “The Kid Calmer”. Richard has worked with schools for many years helping them to deal with problemetic situations with students. Only a few months ago Richard decided to set up on his own to become The Kid Calmer, working directly with parents and their children. He has published a number of books to help parents cope with tantrums and crisis situations and is already gaining international recognition for his work.

Richard has also kindly made an exclusive offer to all listeners of Natural Health Radio, to access a series of six videos about how to tame your kids tantrums and change your life as a parent. Click here to access these videos: Taming Tantrums

Also on my show I will talk through some of the stories and articles I’ve found in the news which talk about how Hypnotherapy has been used to improve people’s lives. For more information about how Hypnotherapy could help you, please visit my website:

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