Have you ever set yourself goals in life and wondered why you didn’t suddenly feel motivated to achieve them? Or perhaps you set a goal but it always seemed out of reach and unattainable? If so, listen in to my show “Change Your Own Mind” on Friday 27th June to hear my interview with Derek Mills who will talk about the missing link in goal setting – having “Daily Standards”.

The 10 Second Philosophy

The 10 Second Philosophy

Having struggled to make ends meet in his own life, one day Derek had a “10 second moment” which changed his life forever. Now Derek is an Internationally renowned speaker and mentor and he is also the author of the amazingly brilliant book, “The 10 Second Philosophy” in which he teaches you how you can take advantage of these 10 second moments to change YOUR life.

You can read more about Derek’s work and the book here: www.derek-mills.com

Christy also talks through some more case studies of clients she’s worked with. You can read all about these in her new eBook which is available to download from www.christyhypnotherapy.com

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