How many times, in an average day, does that voice inside your head say something to put you down, or make you feel rubbish?

Where and when did that conversation start? A critical parent? A difficult education experience? A shaming religious experience?

What if the thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs that exist in your mind to support that conversation were mistaken?

What if your beliefs about you being broken, wrong, not enough, or too much, were all mis-perceptions based on things you learned from others who had learned something that wasn’t true?

In today’s Beyond Beliefs show I’m going to take you on an adventure that will enable and empower you to awaken to your wholeness, worth, value, and absolute perfection. No matter how much you look outside of yourself for your solutions and answers, everything you seek is already within you. If you are seeking to become the perfect you by looking outside of yourself, you are looking in the wrong place. Self discovery is an inside job. šŸ™‚

The really awesome news is that what you seek isn’t lost somewhere out in the world. It is, and has always been, hidden within you, waiting for you to discover it.

Let me share the adventure with you. It’s your time to awaken to innate wholeness and perfection.

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