Elephant Paint

Do you really understand how powerful YOUR subconscious mind is?

As I started learning about the mind and how it works I was taught, much like the archetype of the iceberg, that our subconscious or unconscious mind is around 93%, and our conscious mind is only 7%. You may have heard this too.

Code to Joy coverIn the 2012 book, Code to Joy, by George Pratt and Peter T. Lambrou, the authors take us on a journey with the flea, who is king of the universe, and his pet elephant. Listen to this week’s Beyond Beliefs show with Juliet Vorster to find out more about this grand adventure.

As you listen to the story, you will discover that leading edge science suggests that the ratio of conscious to subconscious mind is actually close to 1:1,000,000. Yes, that’s right–for every one thing you know that you know, there are one million things you don’t know that you know. That’s a heck of a lot, right!

As you come to understand the power of the subconscious mind you will have more personal insight and understanding about how and why it is that you are not where you want to be in the world, even though you work really hard, take the action you know to take and have a really clear intention.

There is no fault, guilt, blame or shame to be cultivated in this situation. It is simply how the human mind is designed. As you release self-judgement and embrace all the faces and facets of your being-ness, you will discover new ways to release the limits and embrace your innate wholeness, worth and value. The degree to which you embrace all that you are is the degree to which you will transcend all the old stories and meanings of your life. By so doing, you will transform the life you live, and embody experiences beyond your wildest dreams.

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The only way to tame your inner elephant is by falling deeply in love with all that you are.