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Here we go on another rant….

OK so there’s loads of coconut drinks on the supermarket shelves now. They used to just hang out at the health food store or posh shops, or at events. Is this good news? I thought so.

So why the popularity, who is doing what, what’s in them, and do they taste any good?

This week I delve into the findings of my 5 month experiment with coconut water. (Frankly, it’s a sham on the most part).

Find out why I gave up trying to report the truth – and a big up to the Food Babe for doing all of the research for me –  and why it doesn’t really matter because I won’t be buying it any more. The only coconut water I will be drinking is out of an actual coconut. At £3 a tetra pack, honestly – save your money!


coconut waters

Is it the truth or just a sham?