xmas presentChristmas is nearly upon us and its time to give yourself a cChristmas present. If 2014 was a challenging year in your attempt to create your family and there is a serious risk that there will be lots of inquiring questions are the Christmas table tune in the to Fertility and Beyond Show at 2pm Christmas Day and hear about where you can find a support community that is accessible and on line and completely confidential. Start off 2015 with the Blossom and Be team behind you every step of the way. Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Sarah Holland talk about the support available with Blossom and Be a new on line fertility support community.

Enjoy the holidays and don’t let other peoples well-intentioned advice have a negative impact on your Christmas.

Wishing all the listeners a great break and looking forward for 2015.


Warm Regards

Siobhan Boucher