Talking all things health and wellbeing with Deborah Walker

This week I get to speak to Deborah Walker who is an award winning naturopathic nutritionist and energy healer.   She is a regular health expert on Radio and has her own show "Food for Thought" on Natural Health Radio which she founded.  Her clients include international celebrities from both stage and screen,  She is [...]

Tilton House Weekend Retreat

A weekend Retreat in the beautiful secluded surroundings of Tilton House on the South Coast. The retreat is a body positive retreat. EveryBODY is welcome! Each guest will have the opportunity to practice at their own level making this weekend suitable for all levels. We will cover many aspects of yoga postures, pranayama, meditation and [...]

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Stop Doing These 3 Things and Change Your Life

There are three things you probably do everyday, possibly every minute of everyday, which, if you would stop doing them, you could transform your life. In this week's Beyond Beliefs, Juliet takes us through these three simple things and explains how to change these habits as well as what the benefits are if we stop. [...]

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Happy You, Happy Kids with Founder of the Happy Kids cards Beverley Densham

Beverley Densham is an Author & Founder of the Happy Kids Cards to bring more happiness, confidence & calm to children's lives & you. The Happy Kids Cards are positive affirmation cards to use at home & school during the good, challenging & sad times of life. Two near death experiences & domestic [...]

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Interview with Dr Linda Bacon who is Inspiring change and a more compassionate world…

  On this episode of The Noble Art of Wellbeing it was my pleasure to get to speak to the Inspirational Dr. Linda Bacon, a professor, researcher, and the author of the groundbreaking books, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About your Weight and Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, [...]

How can the angels help you find your soul mate?

Hi There This is a recording from Your Angel Bootcamp that was held publicly in May. I answer some particular angel questions that people asked and I also felt inspired to include; • How to set your intention for change in your life in the next 30 days • Aisling’s simple exercise to [...]

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Hilton House Weekend Yoga Retreat

A relaxing short break in the beautiful English Country side is the perfect opportunity to reconnect to the true essence of you.   Hilton House is an elegant secluded getaway.  Within each reach of London, where you will experience re-balancing you sessions in a Yurt, invigorating sea-view walks and indulging holistic treatments.  Just what the [...]

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What Meaning Are You Making?

Have you ever considered that you are the meaning maker of your life? In every situation, and on every subject, you get to make up/decide/perceive the meaning you give. Not only do you attribute the meaning–you can change the meaning, or even make one up–any time you like. Want to know more? Then tune into [...]

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Fertility Magazine – My Fertility Specialist

Join me this month as I talk to Sheila Lamb who set up the online resource My Fertility Specialist Magazine. When Sheila was going through her own fertility journey there was little  or no real information available so she took the brave decision to do it herself. Her experience as a registered nurse and [...]

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How to become the perfect You!

How many times, in an average day, does that voice inside your head say something to put you down, or make you feel rubbish? Where and when did that conversation start? A critical parent? A difficult education experience? A shaming religious experience? What if the thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs that exist in your [...]

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