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Reiki & Me – Ashley’s Journey with Reiki

In the last of my Reiki & Me pods I am talking to Ashley Wood - Reiki Master Teacher from Ashley Wood Beauty in Lurgan. I first met Ashley in 2016 when he came along to a Tarot course I was running. He was brilliant at reading the cards - he has a [...]

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Reiki & Me – Kerrie’s Personal Story

In this month's pod, the second in my Reiki & Me series, I am talking to Kerrie about her battle with anxiety and overwhelm. Kerrie is a fun-loving and outwardly confident woman who is often the joker in the group. What is hidden beneath the surface of that comedian is a girl who [...]

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Reiki & Me – Kirsty’s Personal Story

In this month's pod I am chatting to my good friend Kirsty about her personal journey over the last couple of years. Kirsty and I went to school together (quite a few years ago!) and a couple of years ago when she found herself dealing with a marriage breakdown, severe work stress and [...]

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Working honestly – Reiki Principles in Action

  The final Reiki principle is “Just for today do your work honestly”. This one often causes confusion or misunderstanding as there are various translations for it and we have various ideas of what “work” is! Some of the other translations are “Do your work diligently” or “Work hard”. Was Usui telling us [...]

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Living a kind and compassionate life – Reiki Principles in Action

We have almost reached the last Reiki principle, this time we are looking at “Just for today be kind to all living things”. By this point in our series of Reiki principles you are perhaps noticing the underlying concept – that we are all connected. The new world of quantum physics is opening [...]

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Living in Gratitude – Reiki Principles in Action

Usui’s third precept is “Just for today be thankful”. Are you a thankful person? Are you full of gratitude or do you regularly complain about your lot? When Usui formulated this principle I believe he was asking us to do more than just say “thank you”. He was asking for us to develop [...]

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Living without Worry – Reiki Principles in Action

Last time we looked at living without anger – how have you found it? Have you managed to pause and reflect before reacting in the habitual way? This month I want to look at the second Reiki principle “Just for today, do not worry”. Whereas anger is an emotional response, worry is a [...]

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Living without Anger – Reiki Principles in Action

Last month I wrote and spoke about the philosophy of Reiki and introduced you to the Reiki Principles. This time I want to take the precept of "Just for today, do not anger" and look at how you can live without anger each day. Did you know that there are over 600 words [...]

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The Philosophy of Reiki

I first encountered Reiki about 7 years ago. Little did I know then that it would go on to change my life and become the foundation of my own business. I want to introduce you to the philosophy of Reiki and the Reiki Principles over the next few weeks and months. This month's [...]

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The Importance of Grounding

In my last pod I talked about raising your vibration and harnessing the power of love to raise your vibes. I thought it was best to also bring to your attention the importance of being grounded. Without grounding we can feel spaced out, clumsy, forgetful, light-headed and fuzzy. Our sleep patterns can be affected [...]

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