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5 Surprising Success Principles

What does success mean to you, and how do you know when you've achieved it? Where did your definition of success come from? Was it your parents, your community, school, society at large, or some other source? And when did you last check in to see if your definition of success really serves [...]

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Stop It! Let’s Get Started

New Year, New You - Part 1 of 4: Stop It! Let's Get Started If you want change it's time to STOP what you're doing, and START something different. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got" ~ Henry Ford It's logical to recognise the wisdom in Henry [...]

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It’s okay to change your mind

What is Neuroplasticity and how does it work? Everything that think and believe comes from mental programming. In our formative years we don't have a choice on what mental virus we may get injected with. As adults we get to start paying attention to what we think and believe. The good news is that neuroplasticity [...]

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“N.O.” is your new “Yes”

"When I say No, I'm saying Yes to me." ~ Karen Drucker Authenticity is something we can all detect, yet so many of us find it difficult to truly express the fullness of our own authentic self. We often end up hiding ourselves, or saying “yes” to people and events that we really want to [...]

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5 Steps to Build Stronger Foundations for Your Life

Foundations are like roots. We all have beliefs that form the foundations for our life. They are typically formulated very early in life, and continue to influence our behaviour until we become consciously aware of them. Only then can we make a different choice by creating new beliefs that support the life we really want [...]

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Self-Care is Essential for Success

An empty well cannot quench anyone's thirst, if you become the 'empty well' you will never fulfill your potential. Self-care comes in many forms: Good nutrition, movement and exercise, relaxation, healthy mental habits, and sleep. Most of us have been raised believing that doing more, working longer and longer hours, trying to be all things [...]

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What Seeds Are You Planting in Your Mental Garden?

Every Word You Speak and Thought You Think is a Seed Planted in Your Mind! Like all gardening, some seeds germinate, sprout, and ultimately flower and flourish, and others don't. In your regular garden, if you wanted lots of lettuce, you would plant lots of lettuce seeds, knowing that some won't grow. Your [...]

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How to be more successful by doing less.

  It's time to stop pushing and shoving It's time to start allowing and surrendering This week's Beyond Beliefs is all about doing less to achieve more. Whether it's more health, more wealth, more happiness, more success, or more love–you can achieve more by doing less. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but [...]

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Creating greater harmony in your life

There's 'balance', and there's 'harmony' - one is static and one is dynamic - how are they both playing out in your life? One is not better than the other, they are different ways of being. You can incorporate both in your life, and in this week's Beyond Beliefs show I'll be sharing simple tools [...]

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3 Essential Steps to Getting the Results You Want

Are you working hard but getting nowhere? Are others doing less than you but getting better results? Are you frustrated with not making the progress you want? Would you like to change all this? Join me, Juliet Vorster, at 8pm UK time, for tonight's Beyond Beliefs radio show here on Natural Health Radio. [...]

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