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Stop Doing These 3 Things and Change Your Life

There are three things you probably do everyday, possibly every minute of everyday, which, if you would stop doing them, you could transform your life. In this week's Beyond Beliefs, Juliet takes us through these three simple things and explains how to change these habits as well as what the benefits are if we stop. [...]

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What Meaning Are You Making?

Have you ever considered that you are the meaning maker of your life? In every situation, and on every subject, you get to make up/decide/perceive the meaning you give. Not only do you attribute the meaning–you can change the meaning, or even make one up–any time you like. Want to know more? Then tune into [...]

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How to become the perfect You!

How many times, in an average day, does that voice inside your head say something to put you down, or make you feel rubbish? Where and when did that conversation start? A critical parent? A difficult education experience? A shaming religious experience? What if the thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs that exist in your [...]

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Have you met your inner Elephant?

Do you really understand how powerful YOUR subconscious mind is? As I started learning about the mind and how it works I was taught, much like the archetype of the iceberg, that our subconscious or unconscious mind is around 93%, and our conscious mind is only 7%. You may have heard this too. [...]

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5 Steps to Fall More Deeply In Love with Yourself

I could love myself more if… …I lose weight …I have the partner of my dreams …I have more money in the bank …I was 20 years younger …I exercised more What if you decide to start loving yourself more deeply right now? What do you have to lose? Your judgements, fears, criticisms, [...]

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Own Your Wholeness with 3 Conscious Choices

You are more magnificent than you realise. The negative things you believe about yourself are not true. It's time to make three new choices and start owning your innate wholeness, worth, value, and magnificence in an entirely new way. "There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around [...]

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It’s all about YOU – 5 Surprising Success Principle part 2

You are the only thinker in your mind. You have complete authority over everything you experience. Through your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings you get to create a life ever more spectacular. This is possible for you regardless what you have done, had done to you, or failed at previously in your life. You [...]

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5 Surprising Success Principles

What does success mean to you, and how do you know when you've achieved it? Where did your definition of success come from? Was it your parents, your community, school, society at large, or some other source? And when did you last check in to see if your definition of success really serves [...]

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Stop It! Let’s Get Started

New Year, New You - Part 1 of 4: Stop It! Let's Get Started If you want change it's time to STOP what you're doing, and START something different. "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got" ~ Henry Ford It's logical to recognise the wisdom in Henry [...]

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It’s okay to change your mind

What is Neuroplasticity and how does it work? Everything that think and believe comes from mental programming. In our formative years we don't have a choice on what mental virus we may get injected with. As adults we get to start paying attention to what we think and believe. The good news is that neuroplasticity [...]

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