Book now for Winspiration day May 7th in London

DESCRIPTION Join the Worldwide Winspiration Celebration Be Inspired... Be Inspiring! Winspiration Day London - Proudly Presents A DAY DEDICATED TO WELLNESS and PERSONAL POWER with a SERIES of TALKS on Session 1 (9.30am to 12.15pm) - Gratitude & Inspirational Healing Journey's Speakers include Stefan Lubo - Photographer "Citizen Of The World, Lessons From Life and [...]

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Menopause in the workplace, with Kathyrn Colas

On today’s Food for Thought podcast, I’m with Kathryn Colas who is a hugely respected voice for women going through the menopause.  She’s the founder and chief executive of Simply Hormones, and is recognised for her work with public and private sector organisations in improving understanding of menopausal symptoms. Her aim is to empower [...]

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Sweet Challenge

One of my colleagues is running a sugar free challenge which I thought some of you might be interested in taking part. She is using it to raise funds to build a school in South East Asia. She is offering free health coaching support to anyone who donates (any sum) who wants to give up [...]

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Food for Thought with Dr Phil Carson

Food for Thought this week I am with Dr. Phil Carson who is a Doctor of Pharmacy, but since earning his Doctorate in Pharmacy, he's qualified in numerous certifications in Natural and Alternative Therapies for weight loss, fibromyalgia, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Founder of Carson Natural Health in 2005, and now the Co-founder [...]

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Robert Mazure talks about his documentary Nature Cure

  Welcome to the next episode of Food for Thought on Natural Health Radio and this week I've had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Mazure, a natural health practitioner so passionate about the Nature Cure approach that he went to India to produce a documentary about the hospitals that are still using it. [...]

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How to lose weight!

Gerald a personal trainer in London recently asked Deborah to add to a blog with 29 other 'experts' on the subject of weight loss, so I did! My thoughts on weight loss are not just about the how to's, after years of working with people and aiding this to happen, I've found a lot of [...]

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Healing with Everyday Foods London Event

  Healing with Everyday Foods with Daverick Leggett, TCM Practitioner & Qigong Teacher Thursday 17th March, London W1, 10am – 4.30pm ,£80 early booking Bookings and info:  020 8350 4607 / 07984 592626 To understand how to apply TCM nutritional principles in the West we must work with familiar foods that are easy to find in the [...]

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Getting the Fats Right – Tuesday 24th November 2015

  A Master class on the Importance of Dietary Fats for Health, Wellbeing and Performance. with Dr Alex Richardson Tuesday 24th November 2015, London W1, 2-5pm , £25 / £20 early booking bookings and info : 020 8350 4607 / 07984 592626 Dr Richardson is one of the world’s leading experts on the role [...]

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Rasa Shastra – The Art of Medical Alchemy – Friday 23rd October 2015

The Art of Medical Alchemy with Andrew Mason, Ayurvedic Practitioner Friday 23rd October 2015, London W1, 10am – 4.30pm , £120 / £100 early booking bookings and info : 020 8350 4607 / 07984 592626 Rasa Shāstra Is quite simply medical alchemy, its texts centring on a bewildering array of minerals, metals, gemstones and [...]

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Foundations of TCM Nutrition – Thursday 15th October 2015

A One Day Workshop with Daverick Leggett, TCM Practitioner, Qi Gong Teacher  Thursday October 15th , 10.00am-4.30pm. London W1.   £90 / £80 early booking. bookings and info : 020 8350 4607 In this one day workshop we will look at the basic principles of TCM Nutrition. Beginning with the roots of nutrition in the [...]

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