Yoga retreat book now

A weekend Retreat in the beautiful secluded surroundings of Tilton House on the South Coast with our very own Donna Noble. The retreat is a body positive retreat. EveryBODY is welcome!  Each guest will have the opportunity to practice at their own level making this weekend suitable for all levels. We will cover many aspects [...]

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Naima Nouidjem & Spiritual Healing

Hi and welcome to the new series of Food for Thought for 2017 on Natural Health Radio, so who am I starting with this year? Naima Nouidjem is a internationally known Spiritual Teacher and Healer and Master Coach and she’s developed the Power Coaching FormulaTM a cutting edge program to activate and unfold your Healing & [...]

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5 Steps to Fall More Deeply In Love with Yourself

I could love myself more if… …I lose weight …I have the partner of my dreams …I have more money in the bank …I was 20 years younger …I exercised more What if you decide to start loving yourself more deeply right now? What do you have to lose? Your judgements, fears, criticisms, [...]

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The Blether Report – How to handle your digital property in divorce

Vena Ramphal and I blether about the latest celebrity divorce issue - intimate photographs being released to the public. This topic has us considering what could and should be done with your digital property when you are separating. As usual, of course, Vena and I veer a little off topic and talk about things like [...]

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The Blether Report – Single and Celibate Archetypes

Sensuality Discovery Specialist, Lillian Ogbogoh joins me today to talk about the mind monsters which sneak in to upset the love lives of otherwise successful, happy women. Lillian uses the god and goddess archetypes to draw ancient knowledge and myth into understanding how each of them respond to being single and celibate.  Today she shares [...]

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The Blether Report – Sex after Divorce with Vena Ramphal

The #HealthyDivorce series with Vena Ramphal continues with an in-depth and frank look at the role sex plays in life after divorce.  During the Blether we cover topics such as: Your erotic body- does everybody have one The role of the soul catalyst How your body can inform your sexual skills Embarking consciously on a [...]

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The Blether Report – What to do with wedding photos when you divorce

First airs Monday 7th July at 8pm BST As part of the Healthy Divorce series, Vena Ramphal and I are blethering about what can be a highly emotive subject - wedding photos and what you do with them when you're in a divorce situation. While wedding photos are our starting point, we also take the [...]

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The Blether Report – Timing and Synchronicity with Paula Swenson

Airs Monday 30th June at 8pm BST Paula and I are blethering about the importance of timing when it comes to projects, relationships and life. All it takes is a bit of mastery around your moments. As ever, Paula and I go off round the houses and share with you some weird and wonderful stories [...]

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The Blether Report – Men Fake Foreplay with Mike Dugan

This show contains a few terms of a sexual nature I'm joined by Mike Dugan, an Emmy award winning writer and stand up comedian of many years. His book 'Men Fake Foreplay' has been welcomed and applauded by emmissaries on Broadway, in education and by Marianne Williamson for the message it contains for the great [...]

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The Blether Report – Can lack of sex cause divorce

Have you ever wondered if lack of sex can cause divorce? Vena Ramphal and I explore the possibility in this month's Healthy Divorce blether. As we know, many relationship problems arise due to lack of communication. Enjoying a fulfilling sex life, one which suits both parties, is no different. It requires communication, understanding and a [...]

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