Reiki & Me – Ashley’s Journey with Reiki

In the last of my Reiki & Me pods I am talking to Ashley Wood - Reiki Master Teacher from Ashley Wood Beauty in Lurgan. I first met Ashley in 2016 when he came along to a Tarot course I was running. He was brilliant at reading the cards - he has a [...]

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Yoga retreat book now

A weekend Retreat in the beautiful secluded surroundings of Tilton House on the South Coast with our very own Donna Noble. The retreat is a body positive retreat. EveryBODY is welcome!  Each guest will have the opportunity to practice at their own level making this weekend suitable for all levels. We will cover many aspects [...]

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Is veganism good for your health?

Pam Maguire and students from South West College in Omagh have produced this short podcast as part of their work, discussing whether veganism is good for your health. Support their work by liking it!!

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Living a kind and compassionate life – Reiki Principles in Action

We have almost reached the last Reiki principle, this time we are looking at “Just for today be kind to all living things”. By this point in our series of Reiki principles you are perhaps noticing the underlying concept – that we are all connected. The new world of quantum physics is opening [...]

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Personal Transformations with Richard Bevan (guest Marnie Kay)

My purpose in life is to assist others in achieving greater personal success. To do this, I believe people need to paying close attention to a combination of their physical, mental and spiritual well being. Over the years, I have studied numerous spiritual teachers  and Mindset techniques, including NLP, Time Line Therapy & [...]

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Book now for Winspiration day May 7th in London

DESCRIPTION Join the Worldwide Winspiration Celebration Be Inspired... Be Inspiring! Winspiration Day London - Proudly Presents A DAY DEDICATED TO WELLNESS and PERSONAL POWER with a SERIES of TALKS on Session 1 (9.30am to 12.15pm) - Gratitude & Inspirational Healing Journey's Speakers include Stefan Lubo - Photographer "Citizen Of The World, Lessons From Life and [...]

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Living life with Simplicity and Ease with John El-Mokadem

This week I talk to John is a Breakthrough Coach based in the UK. We talk about how we can life with simplicity and ease.  Something which I am starting to personally experience.   That's why I am so excited to share this interview.  I hope you enjoy? John graduated from the University of [...]

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Living without Worry – Reiki Principles in Action

Last time we looked at living without anger – how have you found it? Have you managed to pause and reflect before reacting in the habitual way? This month I want to look at the second Reiki principle “Just for today, do not worry”. Whereas anger is an emotional response, worry is a [...]

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Transform With Angels EXPERT SERIES with Sara Turner of Essentially Flowers

Transform with Angels EXPERT SERIES Inspiring you to achieve a spiritual business that's sustainable, profitable & Fulfilling Each month I interview one expert lightworker who has created a spiritual business from their passion. I hope this will inspire you to create a spiritual business that’s sustainable, profitable and fulfilling. This month's expert is SARA [...]

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Naima Nouidjem & Spiritual Healing

Hi and welcome to the new series of Food for Thought for 2017 on Natural Health Radio, so who am I starting with this year? Naima Nouidjem is a internationally known Spiritual Teacher and Healer and Master Coach and she’s developed the Power Coaching FormulaTM a cutting edge program to activate and unfold your Healing & [...]

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