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Full Circle with Angie Le Mar

I had so much fun interviewing the multi-talented Angie Le Mar. She was the first female stand-up on the Black British comedy circuit. Thirty years later, she is recognised as a multi-award winning comedienne, TV and radio presenter/star, business woman, entrepreneur, speaker, director, producer and writer. The list is endless but most importantly [...]

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Jacob Melaard aka Feel good guy interview

  I get to Interview the inspirational Jacob Melaard aka The Feel Good Guy, he holds the belief that it is everyone’s birth right to feel good. He understands that feeling good is not an ‘off the shelf’ article, he also knows that there is no ‘secret’. His mission is to show others [...]

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The Essential Guide to Crystals by Golnaz Alibagi on Essential Wellbeing on 26th Nov 2014

Go from drab to fab and silence your own inner critic by placing a muscovite crystal on your make-up table. Calm nerves and stay stress free by placing a black sapphire under your pillow the night before an interview. Keep the passion alive in your relationship with a red garnet placed in the bedroom. Want [...]

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I Don’t Care by Irene Brankin on Essential Wellbeing @ 1pm on Weds 19th November 2014

This week I talk to Irene Brankin about her new book - I Don't Care - The Art of Divine Indifference.I don't care! Have you ever wanted to shout that out aloud? Do you find yourself doing things just to please other people, or because you think you ought to be doing it, even if [...]

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The Sleep Book by Dr Guy Meadows

Many of my clients suffer from poor sleep habits which have often gone on for many years, therefore helping them manage the stress and lifestyle that are creating this is paramount in enabling long term change to their health to happen. The Sleep Book: How to Sleep Well Every Night is split into a 5 [...]

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Goddess Calling by Karen Tate

The time is right for a change is the message of this book, and this is almost a manifesto for enabling goddess or the female energy back into the world in which we live. Our patriarchal society has created one deeply entrenched in a military industrial complex, treating people in ways which we should not [...]

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The Whole Body Solution by Max Tuck – Book Review

There is continual confusion for most people as to what makes a good diet, one minute you are told one thing, the next something else, leaving even the most well read amongst us scratching our heads. Many raw foodists I've met over the years are struggling to make their raw diet work for them in [...]

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Liberty Angel – finding balance in relationships

Liberty Angel is written as fiction and it gives many valuable insights into relationships particularly feeling empowered and staying with who you are. The front cover was designed by my friend Helen Manville who really resonated with the idea of the book and was happy to let me have the painting as it fitted the story so well! [...]

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Spiritual Awakening The Easy Way – Tim Van Der Vliet – Book Review

No nonsense, spiritual awakening snippets of advice that in all honesty sounded like good old common sense. This new wave sage of spiritual awakening has a fresh fun angle, tells us that is really doesn't have to be as difficult or time consuming as it's previously made out to be and it all stems from [...]

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The Spark in the Machine by Dan Keown – Book Review

The Spark in the Machine: How the Science of Acupuncture Explains the Mysteries of Western Medicine by Dan Keown, a book which shows how the acupuncture pathways align simply with the fascial pathways and how Qi can be seen as the embryological energy that enables self-organisation. Dan's actually a fully qualified medical doctor who works mainly in [...]

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