Interview with Jim Lawless – the man behind "10 rules for Tamimg Tigers" on Change Your Own Mind, Friday 16th 11am

On Friday 16th May at 11am, Christy will be talking with Jim Lawless, the man who took up a £1 bet to become a televised jockey within 12 months. Being overweight and having never riden a horse in his life, to some people this might have been a step too far! But Jim, who was [...]

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The Blether Report – I want my ex back with Vena Ramphal

As part of the Healthy Divorce series, Vena and I are discussing the often confusing and painful issue of wanting your ex back.  This affects both the leaver and the left in very different ways, although both can go through similar pain points.  Divorce is uncomfortable, most endings are, there are simple and necessary steps [...]

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The Blether Report – Seasonal Aspects with Paula Swenson

Paula and I discovered we had both been talking separately about seasons and so we chose to explore together the seasonal aspects of earth, individuals, and creativity in this week's Blether.  As usual, we had no idea where it would lead us as is often the case when you head out to explore! We open [...]

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The Blether Report – Bounceability with Nicky Marshall

Bounceability is our theme for this Blether Report and Nicky Marshall shares how she bounced back after suffering a stroke and some of the less pleasant and debilitating side effects.  She's taken her story and made it her business to assist others who might be feeling that their bounce has got up and gone. If [...]

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The Blether Report – Spiritual Emergence with Isaac George

I have a man on the Blether Report ... yes, they blether as good as any woman and it astounded me to realise that I've not had a male guest until now.  In this week's show I have the pleasure of introducing you to Isaac George -  a man of many talents, interests, experiences and [...]

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