Working with our Natural Instinct to Heal

Guest post by Amanda Weller Body Talk Practitioner in Surrey. One of the things that I love about BodyTalk is that it doesn’t work with ‘labels’. People come with all manner of labels – and often they are very attached to them for one reason or another, or many! Labels such as: Allergy to … [...]

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Interview with Dr Manjunath Sharma – Yoga in the 21st Century

  I interview Dr. Manjunath Sharma, Joint Director of Research and Development, S-VYASA University. He is also the Editor of International Journal of Yoga (IJOY), a semiannual yoga research publication of S-VYASA. He has 20 years of research experience and holds more than 20 research publications on Yoga. He has guided more than 15 M.Sc. [...]

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Body positive Yogi – Jessamyn Stanley Interview

On Friday I speak to the inspirational Jessamyn Stanley a yoga teacher, body positive advocate, and writer based in Durham, North Carolina. Self-described as a “yoga enthusiast and fat femme, she is all about changing stereotypes within the yoga community around the world and she is. “Body-positive yoga” is gaining prominence, there is [...]

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Stress, and your adrenal health.

It's important to have a good level of stress response, because your adrenals are a way of keeping you in balance, but we are a society that now lives on adrenaline from one end of the day to the next. From doing something as mundane as drinking a caffeine drink each morning, you are creating [...]

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Interview with Katie Bulmer-Cooke

Next week on the Noble Art of Wellbeing I interview one of the stars of the Apprentice Katie Bulmer -Cooke We discuss all things Health & Fitness and The Apprentice.......... Katie was named UK Personal Trainer of the Year 2012 and UK Fitness Professional of the Year 2013, she has 12 years experience in the [...]

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The Noble Art of Wellbeing with Malika Zitouni, Former Miss Universe

This week on The Noble Art of Wellbeing Friday 2pm and 8pm I’m going to make you feel like motivated and wanting to take on new challenges with my next guest…. Maika Zitouni a Figure Athlete. She has won 3 x Miss Universe and 2 x Miss World, Miss Europe and Miss Britain. Winning her [...]

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Fancy learning kinesiology this coming year?

  Systematic Kinesiology - uses muscle testing to gain access to the body's bio-feedback mechanism for information about the client. The basic tool within Kinesiology is the muscle test which is the ability to hold a muscle against light pressure.  Linda Belcher runs Kinesiology Training Courses accredited by the Association of Systematic Kinesiology in Brighton - [...]

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The Blether Report – Embodying Mothering 25th August 8pm BST

Lindsay McLeod works with a fabulous modality called Body Harmony. She joins me to talk about it some more, and we soon find that the connection to earth through our bodies is quite fundamental in our ability to embody mothering as an energy. Lindsay has a demo class recording which you can access by signing [...]

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The Blether Report – Sex after Divorce with Vena Ramphal

The #HealthyDivorce series with Vena Ramphal continues with an in-depth and frank look at the role sex plays in life after divorce.  During the Blether we cover topics such as: Your erotic body- does everybody have one The role of the soul catalyst How your body can inform your sexual skills Embarking consciously on a [...]

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The Blether Report – Can lack of sex cause divorce

Have you ever wondered if lack of sex can cause divorce? Vena Ramphal and I explore the possibility in this month's Healthy Divorce blether. As we know, many relationship problems arise due to lack of communication. Enjoying a fulfilling sex life, one which suits both parties, is no different. It requires communication, understanding and a [...]

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