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Sara Turner is an experienced Flower Essence Trainer and Nature Kingdom Guide through her companies Essentially Flowers and Create a Magical Business. Having found healing herself through her connection with the nature kingdom, Sara is passionate about helping others experience the same guidance and support. Sara has her own range of MoonFlower Essences™ and creates and facilitates training courses in the use of flower, gem and vibrational essences through Essentially Flowers. She helps therapists and healers merge the Divine Feminine energies of nature with practical skills to create Magical Lives and Businesses.

Colour for the Soul

Nature Connections November 21st 2014 In this week's Nature Connections I am joined by International Colour Therapist and Trainer, Marcia O'Regan. Marcia shares with us the long history of colour and how we are all shaped by the light around us. Marcia discusses how colour can support transformation of all kinds and leads listeners through [...]

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Flower Essences for our Animal Friends

In this week's Nature Connections show I speak to Animal Healer and Flower Essence Practitioner, Jane Gilbey. Jane shares with us some very common situations in which animals can be greatly helped with flower essences, how to offer essences to your animal friends and some of her favourite essences which she uses with her own [...]

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Nature Connections with Marion Leigh of Findhorn Essences

This week on Nature Connections I speak to Marion Leigh, Founder of Findhorn Essences. We discuss how the Findhorn essences can support us all during this time of tremendous change on our planet, and which Findhorn essences can be used to support rescued animals. The theme that underpins our whole discussion is Supporting the Heart. [...]

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Helping Animals Heal with Steve Johnson

In this week's Nature Connections show I speak to Steve Johnson, Founder of Alaskan Essences. Steve began working with animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses, before he started working with people. His own personal contact with animals taught him that they were intelligent and soulful beings with well-developed emotional capacities. He also felt a debt [...]

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Walking on Stars with Judy Hall

In this week's Nature Connections show I speak to Author, Psychic, Healer and Karmic Astrologer Judy Hall. Judy shares with us her love and wisdom connected to the crystal kingdom and how the new high vibration crystals can help us both in our daily lives and to further our spiritual path. Judy also talks about [...]

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Nalini of Chalice of Wisdom – Feeling nature through your bones

In this week's Nature Connections I speak to Nalini of Chalice of Wisdom. Nalini is a transformational seer and wisdom carrier and her ability to access multi-dimensional information comes directly from Source. In this interview Nalini speaks about how we can all access the wisdom of nature "through our bones". Nalini also shares her work with [...]

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Davyd Farrell speaks about Plant Consciousness

In this week’s show I speak to Davyd Farrell – Director and Co-Founder of Archetype Events.

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Andreas Korte and the PHI Essence Range

In this week's Nature Connections show I interview Andreas Korte who is the Founder of PHI Mother Earth Essences. Andreas is a pioneer in the vibrational world and produces flower, gem, orchid, dolphin and environmental essences and believes that essences are indeed a medicine of our future. Andreas shares information about: - the extraordinary benefits [...]

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Chalice Well Essences with Sophie Knock

In this interview Sophie gives some of the history of Chalice Well and explains how that relates to the Chalice Well Essences. A strong morphic field of healing and working with the Nature Kingdoms has been established here over thousands of years. Sophie relates how the 9 Chalice Well Essences contain a design for the [...]

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Ian White and the Australian Bush Essences

In this week's Nature Connections I speak to Ian White, Founder of the Australian Bush Essences. Ian shares the flower essence research projects that are having extraordinary results in orphanages in Brazil and with children in Belarus. He also speaks about the benefits of using Mulla Mulla flower essence when being exposed to forms of [...]

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