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Sara Turner is an experienced Flower Essence Trainer and Nature Kingdom Guide through her companies Essentially Flowers and Create a Magical Business. Having found healing herself through her connection with the nature kingdom, Sara is passionate about helping others experience the same guidance and support. Sara has her own range of MoonFlower Essences™ and creates and facilitates a successful Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine through her training company Essentially Flowers. She helps therapists and healers merge the Divine Feminine energies of nature with practical skills to create Magical Lives and Businesses so that they can discover their own magic and own their true worth.

Can flower essences reduce the effects of work related stress? A research pilot study says Yes!

Sheila Hicks Balgobin is a flower essence practitioner and producer of Spirit of Makasutu Essences and the principal of THE HEALING GARDEN for Stress Management. She led a six-month long pilot study on the impact of the Bach Flower Remedies on stress in emergency services workers (police, fire, paramedics) between June and December 2014. Sheila [...]

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The Power of Seed with Susan M Parker

In today's Nature Connections show Sara speaks to Susan M Parker  about oils for health and beauty. Susan M Parker, herbalist, author, formulator, spends her professional and personal life steeped in the world of herbal and botanical materials. Often called alchemist, she transforms nature’s raw ingredients into new forms for her apothecary skin care line. In [...]

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Transformation and Tarot – with Tiffany Crosara

Join Sara at midday BST Friday  on Nature Connections show Tiffany Crosara learnt a lot the hard way, the pain of misunderstanding became the liberation of understanding which she went on to share with the world by writing The Transformational Truth of Tarot, which won best spiritual book of 2012 making way for [...]

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Wildflower Essences with Paul Strode

  In this week’s Nature Connections show I interview Flower Essence Specialist and CranioSacral Therapist Paul Strode. Paul Strode is M.I.P.T.I. is a flower essence specialist and CranioSacral therapist. He started Wildflower in 1999 with the aim of bringing plant energy medicine to a wider audience as well as an increased awareness to [...]

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Flower Essences for the Modern World with Clare G Harvey

  In today's Nature Connections show I am joined by my very first Flower Essence teacher Clare G Harvey. Clare is an authority on flower essences from around the world and was the person who inspired me to follow the path of nature. Clare discusses the huge role that flower essences can play in our [...]

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Messages of Spring on Nature Connections

Join me Sara this Friday March 27th at midday (GMT) where I'll be sharing with you flower essences for balance; we'll be doing some colour breathing with yellow, lime and green (colours of Spring) and discussing Bach flower essences that can help the flow the Liver and GallBladder meridian energies. I'll also be taking you through [...]

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Healing the skin naturally with Hannah Pearson

Join me Sara in this week’s Nature Connections as I speak to Natural Health Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Founder of Gentle Green, Hannah Pearson. Hannah speaks about her own personal experience of healing eczema and how she has formulated Gentle Green Soothing Cream from local wild plants. Gentle Green cream won Gold in the Free [...]

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LightBringer Essences – Flower Essences to Touch your Soul

Rachel Singleton is the founder of the LightBringer range of flower essences. She has lived and worked with essences for 18 years and is passionate about the gift essences offer in inviting us to come back to and inhabit our true nature. She describes the exquisite ability they have to 'lift' us, returning us to [...]

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Messages from the Angelic and Fairy Kingdom with Aisling Mooney

Join me for a fun interview with Transformation Coach and Angel Intuitive Aisling Mooney. Aisling shares how the angels transformed her life and offers a short Connect with your Guardian Angel exercise. Aisling also picked 3 Fairy Cards for Nature Connections listeners (photos below). Listen by downloading the interview here Download this episode (right click [...]

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Dream it, Tap it, Do it – Goal Setting for 2015 with Melanie Bundock

Join me for a goal-setting interview with Personal Development Coach and EFT Practitioner Melanie Bundock. Melanie and I discuss the art of goal setting and how you can prepare yourself at this potent time of year to prepare for the year ahead.  Melanie also leads you through a powerful goal setting visualisation to help you [...]

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