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Sara Turner is an experienced Flower Essence Trainer and Nature Kingdom Guide through her companies Essentially Flowers and Create a Magical Business. Having found healing herself through her connection with the nature kingdom, Sara is passionate about helping others experience the same guidance and support. Sara has her own range of MoonFlower Essences™ and creates and facilitates training courses in the use of flower, gem and vibrational essences through Essentially Flowers. She helps therapists and healers merge the Divine Feminine energies of nature with practical skills to create Magical Lives and Businesses.

BioResonance as an Energy Based Medicine with Sarah Bainbridge

Sarah Bainbridge is a qualified Bioresonance and EFT Practitioner and owns and runs the Life Waves Practice. She has had the privilege to successfully help many people experience a return to better health and a stress free life. Her work has enabled her to publish a number of articles relating to the treatment [...]

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The Gift of Grace with Diantha Harris

The author of two best selling books on color, Diantha Harris puts her knowledge of color to work in creating her online courses. Diantha employs her knowledge of color, feng shui, energy and nature's gifts in all her work, classes, books and readings. The Gift of Grace was given to Diantha as inspiration [...]

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Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine with Loey Colebeck

Loey Colebeck is a professionally accredited Bach Flower Therapist (SEDIBAC #402). Her clinical practice is based in Chinese Medicine, Gestalt Psychotherapy,Constellation work, and other integrative mind-body approaches. She translated the book Bach Flower Essences and Chinese Medicine, by Pablo Noriega (Inner Traditions, 2016). Loey lectured at the IV biennial SEDIBAC (Catalonia Society for [...]

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Happy You, Happy Kids with Founder of the Happy Kids cards Beverley Densham

Beverley Densham is an Author & Founder of the Happy Kids Cards to bring more happiness, confidence & calm to children's lives & you. The Happy Kids Cards are positive affirmation cards to use at home & school during the good, challenging & sad times of life. Two near death experiences & domestic [...]

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Sacred Woman Awakening with Diane Beaulieu

Diana Beaulieu is a passionate advocate for women who seek to live an authentic, sacred life expressing and enjoying their feminine gifts. She is the creator of the Feminine Coaching Method which helps female spiritual and creative entrepreneurs to heal deeply, live joyfully and fly higher than they'd ever dreamed. A highly sought [...]

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The transformative power of Flower Essences – with Deborah Craydon

  In today’s Nature Connections show Sara speaks to Deborah Craydon about flower essences and how their guided use can transform lives. Deborah is a pioneer in the use of topical flower essences and so it is my absolute pleasure to share her work. Deborah Craydon, FES Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, has developed [...]

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Light Expression Essences – a story of trust and guidance from nature with Sharon Hamilton

Sharon Hamilton is the owner and co-creator of Light Expression Essences, LLC. She has been working with the nature kingdoms directly since 1991 to co-create the Light Expression Essences. Healing with vibrational essences is Sharon’s first and foremost passion in life. Sharon shares her learning from nature and Spirit through the Light Expression Essences and [...]

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Can flower essences reduce the effects of work related stress? A research pilot study says Yes!

Sheila Hicks Balgobin is a flower essence practitioner and producer of Spirit of Makasutu Essences and the principal of THE HEALING GARDEN for Stress Management. She led a six-month long pilot study on the impact of the Bach Flower Remedies on stress in emergency services workers (police, fire, paramedics) between June and December 2014. Sheila [...]

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The Power of Seed with Susan M Parker

In today's Nature Connections show Sara speaks to Susan M Parker  about oils for health and beauty. Susan M Parker, herbalist, author, formulator, spends her professional and personal life steeped in the world of herbal and botanical materials. Often called alchemist, she transforms nature’s raw ingredients into new forms for her apothecary skin care line. In [...]

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Transformation and Tarot – with Tiffany Crosara

Join Sara at midday BST Friday  on Nature Connections show Tiffany Crosara learnt a lot the hard way, the pain of misunderstanding became the liberation of understanding which she went on to share with the world by writing The Transformational Truth of Tarot, which won best spiritual book of 2012 making way for [...]

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