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Lisa Arthur Reviews Coconut Water – What A Sham!

Tune in Tuesday 8pm and Sunday at 10am UK Time. Rant, info, coconut water and music. Wowser! Here we go on another rant.... OK so there's loads of coconut drinks on the supermarket shelves now. They used to just hang out at the health food store or posh shops, or at events. Is [...]

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Lisa Arthur Reviews the Media & Some ‘Nice’ Films

Lisa Arthur Reviews Tuesday 8-9pm  and Sunday 10-11am UK Time Lisa turns into a 'nice' film reviewer to try and address the balance of negative news reporting and distortion in the media. Clearly this is a photoshopped image of me (falls off desk laughing - of course it's not) This week I've been [...]

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Lisa Arthur Reviews The Art of Patience and Nag Champa Incense

Bai Baba's Nag Champa - Probay the only incense you need, in my opinion Well, patience is not a strong point for most of us, and I must admit I can get a bit like Veruca Salt when she visited Wonka's chocolate factory when I make a decision, huffing and puffing about and [...]

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Lisa Arthur Reviews Water Bottle and Reflects on Motivation and Manifesting

How smart? VERY! This week, there's a water bottle that's very clever- perfect for those of you who like to add something (electrolytes, greeens) and also like your water filtered.... (Told you it was smart). I will be reflecting on motivation - towards people and away people - and how we're wired differently. [...]

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Includes spontaneous evolution Part 2, and the best mint tea ever

Lemons are expensive... here's how to eek them out!   January 20th Lisa Arthur Reviews There's more from the book Spontaneous Evolution, (can we 'prove' evolution is random and intentional and that the environment and our cells can be changed by intending our thoughts?). Lisa's found the best mint tea, and shows you [...]

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Lisa Arthur Rewiews, Music & Chat 24th November

Lisa Arthur Reviews - Airs Tuesday 8-9pmm UK Time Tuesday 25th November Chat, reviews,music, insights, info and music..... join me! Juice In A Bar... but I'd rather drink a juice, I think Are Ubuntu coming to UK politics? Blimey.... There are short, sharp snappy reviews – food this week includes a [...]

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Lisa Arthur Reviews.Food Music and love

Lisa Arthur Reviews - NEW FORMAT with MORE MUSIC! Airs Tuesday 18th November 8-9pm UK time Going against the grain.... There's a lot of products to get through - so the new format of the show will be shorter, snappier reviews, with a debrief on the blog, then some music, a bit of [...]

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Lisa Arthur Reviews 11th November: Fake peanut butter, right sized fruit bar, Merkaba & music

WOWbutter - a'safe' option? Tuesday Evenings 8-9pm UK - Scroll down to the end to get the podcast! This week there's Lisa's reaction to 'fake' peanut butter – called WOWbutter – she's not sure about it, but understands why, and talks about peer pressure and 'replacement' foods. Most excellent are the Beond bar [...]

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Lisa Arthur Reviews 4th November 2014 Chia Pods, GoCoco, music and chat

Chia Pod - like frogspawn but much tastier! Lisa Arthur Reviews Tuesday 4th November 2014 8pm UK Time So........ Lisa's Food and drink reviews this week are: Chia Pod deserts BOTH Vanilla Bean and Mango ( so good she tasted it twice!) and how they compare to a home made cheaper version. There [...]

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Lisa Arthur Reviews 28th October 2014 – David Icke Post Wembley Download

David Icke 'post Wembley' Download. Aired Tuesday 28th October 8-9pm UK time Scroll down for the recording to listen and download the recording Lisa Arthur Reviews will be talking about alternative thinker, hard hitting 'exposer of truth', and some call spiritual messenger David Icke. He has a 10 hour show at Wembley on Saturday 25th [...]

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