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My name is Juliet Vorster and I’m a transformer. I inspire and motivate people globally to awaken and embrace their essential worth and value so that they can come alive to their passion and purpose thereby empowering them to create a thriving, happy, healthy life doing what they love.

Creating greater harmony in your life

There's 'balance', and there's 'harmony' - one is static and one is dynamic - how are they both playing out in your life? One is not better than the other, they are different ways of being. You can incorporate both in your life, and in this week's Beyond Beliefs show I'll be sharing simple tools [...]

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3 Essential Steps to Getting the Results You Want

Are you working hard but getting nowhere? Are others doing less than you but getting better results? Are you frustrated with not making the progress you want? Would you like to change all this? Join me, Juliet Vorster, at 8pm UK time, for tonight's Beyond Beliefs radio show here on Natural Health Radio. [...]

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The many faces of grief

In the week when luminary teacher, speaker, and author Wayne Dyer made his transition to the next stage of life I was already deep in grief. The loss of a friend, the ending of a magical experience, the parting of beloved friends–all these things gave me cause to grieve. And that's okay. We [...]

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The Power Of “So What?”

We have been conditioned to think of "So what" as a statement rather than a question. Visions of Kevin the Teenager come to mind, as we think of shoulder shrugging and a feeling of indifference. But what if there was a useful purpose in the question, "So what?" It's not always easy to [...]

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5 Great Benefits for Going on Retreat

  5 Great Benefits for Going on Retreat It is said that a change is as good as a rest. I'm sure that is a big part of going on retreat, but what if there is more for you to experience than a simple change of location? I have just returned from Spiritual [...]

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The Invitation

The first time I read this poem I wept. It still moves me deeply every time I read it, or bring it to mind. You may know it well, or you may be experiencing it for the very first time. Whichever it is for you, I invite you to open your heart and mind to [...]

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3 Simple Steps to Meditation Mastery

Meditation is not all about sitting in the Lotus Position chanting "Om". It is not aligned to any one specific religious tradition, and it is not at odds with any faith or philosophy. It is a method of deep relaxation, and mental mastery. There are many benefits to a regular meditation practise. We know about [...]

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How to Heal Your Life

When you read that ‘You Can Heal Your Life’, what comes up for you? Do you feel that there is nothing to heal, or that there is so much to heal, you feel overwhelmed, and feel that it would be an impossible job? Or are you somewhere in the middle? Back in 1984 [...]

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How do you Cope when Shit Happens?

In a week when one friend is burying her son and another is burying her husband I am pondering how I would cope if my spouse or child died unexpectedly. What do you think you would do? Everyday people die, get divorced, are diagnosed with a deadly disease, and experience depression–it's not really [...]

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Overcoming the Habit of Being Yourself

Overcoming the Habit of Being Yourself in Four Easy Steps We have all been well programmed when it comes to our default behaviour. We learned how to defend ourselves through our words and behaviour as young children. At the same time we also learned how to interpret other peoples behaviour towards us. As a child [...]

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