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Deborah Walker is an award winning naturopathic nutritionist and energy healer, who takes clinics in both Surrey and Northern Ireland. In 2013 she co-founded Natural Health Radio. A natural health advocate, she hosts a regular show called Food for Thought, which goes out across Natural Health Radio and covers many aspects of health and wellbeing.

Food for Thought with Peter Newton on Tai Chi and Qigong for healing.

This week on the Food for Thought podcast I'm talking to a true master of his art with over 30 years in practice, Peter Newton who has just published a new book on Qigong, and Tai Chi called Healthy and Fit with Tai Chi. Peter gives a fascinating interview talking about the history [...]

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Working with our Natural Instinct to Heal

Guest post by Amanda Weller Body Talk Practitioner in Surrey. One of the things that I love about BodyTalk is that it doesn’t work with ‘labels’. People come with all manner of labels – and often they are very attached to them for one reason or another, or many! Labels such as: Allergy to … [...]

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Food for Thought with Dr Caroline Wheeler – The Sleep Kit

On Food for Thought interview available from the 12th October 2015 on Natural Health Radio I have Dr Caroline Wheeler an integrative medical doctor, who has worked in New Zealand and has come back to the UK to help people to sleep better, with her programme called Storytime! We discuss how sleep has [...]

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Sh*t happens, magic follows Carmen Harris

This Monday 5th October at 8pm on Food for Thought I'm talking to healer Carmen Harris who for 30 years was a professional TV writer. Her CV includes penning 2 series of an original prime-time BBC 1 sitcom, and a 10-year stint as a core writer for EastEnders. Though she still writes professionally, her healing work [...]

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Rasa Shastra – The Art of Medical Alchemy – Friday 23rd October 2015

The Art of Medical Alchemy with Andrew Mason, Ayurvedic Practitioner Friday 23rd October 2015, London W1, 10am – 4.30pm , £120 / £100 early booking bookings and info : 020 8350 4607 / 07984 592626 Rasa Shāstra Is quite simply medical alchemy, its texts centring on a bewildering array of minerals, metals, gemstones and [...]

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Foundations of TCM Nutrition – Thursday 15th October 2015

A One Day Workshop with Daverick Leggett, TCM Practitioner, Qi Gong Teacher  Thursday October 15th , 10.00am-4.30pm. London W1.   £90 / £80 early booking. bookings and info : 020 8350 4607 In this one day workshop we will look at the basic principles of TCM Nutrition. Beginning with the roots of nutrition in the [...]

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New Natural Solutions for Hormones – Friday 9th October 2015

  A One day seminar with John Andrews, Master Herbalist & Iridologist Friday 9th October  10am-4.30pm. London W1.   £70 / £60 early booking. bookings and info : 020 8350 4607 / 07984 592626 Life is all about balance and this is succinctly & profoundly expressed with the hormones and endocrine system. A slight imbalance [...]

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Amy Garner Soul Support for Change Makers

Amy Garner Soul support for Change Makers – women in the role of healer.  I welcome onto the show this week Amy Garner who is a psychic, palm reader, intuitive, healer, and educator, who offers Soul Support for Change Makers. Amy talks about becoming an intuitive and psychic, how she started by doing [...]

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Max Tuck – Love your bones

I have Max Tuck AKA The Raw Food Scientist back on Food for Thought this week and she's finally published new book, mind you I say 'finally' tongue in cheek because Max is truly in the category of being a phenomenal woman, the loose title of my latest podcasts, because last time we [...]

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Are you connecting with your womb wisdom?

  Guest post by Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel  We are all taken by so many things nowadays in our daily life that most of the times we feel torn apart by different interests, commitments, duties, hobbies, desires, etc. We are also bombarded 24/7 by so much information that at times we feel overwhelmed and tired just by [...]

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