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Deborah Walker is an award winning naturopathic nutritionist and energy healer, who takes clinics in both Surrey and Northern Ireland. In 2013 she co-founded Natural Health Radio. A natural health advocate, she hosts a regular show called Food for Thought, which goes out across Natural Health Radio and covers many aspects of health and wellbeing.

Food for Thought with Dr Phil Carson

Food for Thought this week I am with Dr. Phil Carson who is a Doctor of Pharmacy, but since earning his Doctorate in Pharmacy, he's qualified in numerous certifications in Natural and Alternative Therapies for weight loss, fibromyalgia, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Founder of Carson Natural Health in 2005, and now the Co-founder [...]

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Food for Thought with Dr. Emma Mardlin

On this episode of Food for Thought I welcome Dr. Emma Mardlin, a trained psychotherapist who holds a Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine, she works with both adults and children in The Pinnacle Practice (a health and well- being practice and training company) that she runs. Today we are talking about her latest book [...]

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Robert Mazure talks about his documentary Nature Cure

  Welcome to the next episode of Food for Thought on Natural Health Radio and this week I've had the pleasure of interviewing Robert Mazure, a natural health practitioner so passionate about the Nature Cure approach that he went to India to produce a documentary about the hospitals that are still using it. [...]

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Dr John Demartini – The Mind Body Connection – How our health images our thoughts

  On today's Food for Thought it's a privilege to welcome back Dr John Demartini,a best selling author, who has written over 40 books, an international speaker running an almost permanent schedule of workshops, he has a traveling schedule that makes me look like a light weight in all honesty. We are going [...]

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How to lose weight!

Gerald a personal trainer in London recently asked Deborah to add to a blog with 29 other 'experts' on the subject of weight loss, so I did! My thoughts on weight loss are not just about the how to's, after years of working with people and aiding this to happen, I've found a lot of [...]

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Goddesses Never Age

I recently read Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup, The Secret Prescription for Radiance, Vitality, and Well-Being, which inspired this latest article. As with all Christiane's books I believe they are invaluable additions to a women's health library and this one is no different.   I've seen a shift in many of my clients in the [...]

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Food for Thought with Shazzie

On this latest episode of Food for Thought I've got one of my favourite women Shazzie, she's been a TV presenter, author, owner of one of the biggest superfood business's in Europe,and one of the most downloaded Apps authors. As always with Shazzie the conversation takes us everywhere and is full of her [...]

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Food for Thought with Author and Speaker Richard Deboo

On today's Food for Thought I'm speaking with Richard Deeboo author of The Meat Delusion about why we should be caring more for the animals in our world. Richard is the author of 2 books, and speaks regularly on the case for not eating or farming animals, and we talk about the delusion that [...]

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Getting the Fats Right – Tuesday 24th November 2015

  A Master class on the Importance of Dietary Fats for Health, Wellbeing and Performance. with Dr Alex Richardson Tuesday 24th November 2015, London W1, 2-5pm , £25 / £20 early booking bookings and info : 020 8350 4607 / 07984 592626 Dr Richardson is one of the world’s leading experts on the role [...]

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Food for Thought with Mary Heath Are we creating a stress and anxiety culture?

This week on the Food for Thought podcast, I'm with Mary Heath author of Get your life back, A Twelve-Week Journey to Overcome Stress, Anxiety and Depression published by Findhorn Press, she's also a yoga teacher, and International Stress Management Consultant, and we are discussing stress and how her book is a great [...]

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