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About Debi Barr

Debi Barr is an intuitive life coach specialising in Reiki, Reflexology and Stress Management. She is passionate about empowering, educating and inspiring women to take back control of their health in a holistic way so they can regain their spark. She has turned her own life around by incorporating a daily practice of Reiki and meditation into her routine and she has shared her story on her website in the hope that it may touch you and inspire you to make changes in your own life, so you can be the most authentic version of yourself. Debi offers various packages of treatments and coaching. She can see you in person on a one to one basis or in a group setting. She can also work with you remotely using telephone or web technologies such as Google Hangouts and Skype so distance is no barrier to working with her. Appointments are available day or evening to suit you. Debi offers a highly personalised and confidential service to all her clients. She will provide you with as much information as you wish in order to tailor the most effective treatment for you whether you are seeking to prevent health issues, help existing medical conditions or simply relax, de-stress and understand yourself more.
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Rainbow Therapies with Sharon Bingham

This week I am talking to Sharon Bingham from Rainbow Therapies. Sharon works with Bach Flower Essences, Colour Aura Sprays and Crystals to provide a beautiful rainbow of holistic healing for her clients. Please tune in to hear Sharon talk about how these wonderful flower essences, colour sprays and crystals can help restore balance to [...]

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The Healing Power of Reiki

My show, which is scheduled to broadcast first on Thursday 27th August at 21:00 BST,  is all about Reiki. Reiki has turned my life around and I can honestly say I would be lost without it so I wanted to share a bit about what it is and how it can help you. One of [...]

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Bringing Meditation into your Life

My second show is about bringing meditation into your daily life. You don't need to be sitting in full lotus chanting in order to meditate! Listen to the show to find out more about how you can bring mindfulness and calm into your life while walking, showering or even while washing the dishes! The practice [...]

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Stress Management and Mindfulness

I'm really excited to have joined Natural Health Radio! I am looking forward to sharing my message with you and I would love to get your feedback on the show. The Rocks n Rituals show will be aired fortnightly on Thursdays from 9pm to 9:30pm GMT. My first show will be looking at the concept [...]

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