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Chris Murphy is a physiotherapist who has worked in the NHS, private practice and lectured around the world. He runs a small training company and a has a passion for connecting health professionals and those that need the information they have to help people live as active and pain free lives possible.

Words that harm and words that heal… which ones are you hearing from your health professional and friends?

‘Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly -- they’ll go through anything’ The words of author Aldous Huxley were a step ahead of his time as we now realise that words really are important and can heal or harm. In fact in some medical interventions cases they can be THE most important [...]

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Are you allergic to lupins but enjoy elliptical running in the gym and cycling outdoors? Enjoy the show!

Like so many of the people who fall into the above group (!!!) there is something in the different parts of the show for you today….. I will explain. The show is divided into 3 parts. Firstly, there’s me ranting a little about a health show I went to today on the various different bells [...]

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What has today’s show got that most political parties in the UK currently lack post election….Leadership!

You might wonder what leadership and health have in common. Well, from a few experiences recently and a conversion with our resident coach, Chris Browne, it became apparent that both the changes in the NHS are bringing leadership challenges to the staff and also to the patients. For patients, the relationship they share with their [...]

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Has that person got gloves on their feet? The Marmite Shoe…do you love them or hate them?

You may have noticed some people walking around in shoes that have toes, if so it is likely that some of those people have been wearing Vibram Five Fingers. They are often referred to as minimalist footwear but reactions are usually clear, wow or yuck….gloves on feet, cool or wrong! Amongst those that love them [...]

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What’s the Hidden Secret to a Flat Stomach after Pregnancy?

This is a question that I discuss with Helen Keeble, a women’s health physiotherapist. Similar to a show in November and only a few weeks ago when I spoke to Jen Cardew, today’s show is a feature on women’s health. I spoke to Helen about a number of things around this topic of the ‘flat [...]

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Groundhog Day and Stress

I have a confession to make..... If you heard the show a few weeks ago you will recognise bits of this weeks show. The reason for the repetition is, the interview on yoga and stress was split into two. As it has been a few weeks, I am guessing you might have forgotten some of [...]

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If you think a show about the ‘Marathon’ talks about an old chocolate bar, this show is not for you!

With the London Marathon only the other day, 38000 people are recovering from and reflecting on their experience. If you were one of the lucky ones to be there and to have finished, well done and fingers crossed you avoided any injuries. If you did have an injury or you are inspired to complete a [...]

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Stress…ah ah… It plagues every one of us…Dum dum dum (Joke Hint: Say it to the tune of ‘Flash’ by Queen)

Stress is something we all experience everyday in different ways and how we respond to it differs enormously. With a Google Search on stress returning 544 million hits there seems to be a groundswell in terms of its recognition. More recently numerous treatments aimed at alleviating the impact it has on our emotional, and physical [...]

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R.I.C.E: Sensible advice for those with injuries – only ironic if sustained whilst working in a paddy field

Do I put heat or ice on an injury. Do I move, do I keep it still, should I elevate it, do I need a tuigrip? I must have heard these questions hundreds of times over the course of my career. So I thought, let’s summarise things on a show in one hit so you [...]

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Is decorating heroes good…YES….Is decorating on a bank holiday weekend…NO NO and thrice NO

Two questions for you: Do you dislike decorating? Did you get caught up in the white / gold dress debate? The challenge is I answered yes and no but, as you will hear, this didn’t prevent me being drawn into painting the bedroom TWICE over the bank holiday due to the power of perception. I [...]

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