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Barry ‘BJ’ Tanner Barry is currently a Senior Project Manager at the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT). He is a former NHS Project Manager, lecturer, teacher, examiner, university external verifier, professions rep, parliamentarian, and participant in the Prince’s Foundation Federal Regulatory Group; Barry ‘BJ’ Tanner has been there and got the T-Shirt. With over 30 years as a complementary therapist and more than 25 years experience in regulatory processes as diverse as the London Stock Exchange, the employment sector, and education, as well as orthodox and complementary medicine. He is the acknowledged expert in the field.

Nutritional Therapy – Challenges and Choices – Barry Tanner talks to Dr. Elisabeth Philipps October 22nd 8.00pm

Barry Tanner talks to Dr. Elisabeth Philipps Elisabeth qualified as a Nutritional Therapist after gaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Medicine from Thames Valley University. Elisabeth has also completed a Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) at Kings College London and gained her PhD in Neuropharmacology and Biochemistry at Oxford University, giving her [...]

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A Fresh Breath – Can Buteyko Beat The Odds? Barry Tanner talks to Michael Lingard August 13th 8.30pm

Michael Lingard BSc. DO. BBEC Michael trained as an economist, statistician and accountant. He worked as Financial Analyst with Fords UK, as O & M Consultant and Operational Researcher with Hawker Siddeley Group, then lecturer and restaurateur. His passion for better healthcare led him to train as an Osteopath, set up one of the first [...]

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All Change – Studying CAM? Barry Tanner talks to Julia Wood August 27th 8.30pm

Julia Wood joined the Morley College in 2003 as a part-time lecturer in Complementary Therapies. Since then she has been a Section Head for the Health Department and is now Curriculum Area Manager for Access to HE, Dance, Health & Humanities.   Following a career as an Executive Assistant in investment banking, Julia retrained as [...]

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New show to start soon…The 3rd Eye with Barry Tanner

We have a great new show called The 3rd Eye starting soon hosted by Barry Tanner, and it's pegged to be thought provoking on many levels. Barry has a massive amount of experience in the regulatory field of Natural Health, and his knowledge is formidable in the arena, so we are excited to have him [...]

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The Real Risk – Is Complementary Medicine Safe? Barry Tanner talks to David Balen July 2nd 8.30pm

  The Real Risk What are the real risks to users of Complementary Medicine?  The head of the company which insures over 80,000 practitioners would be a good person to ask. Barry Tanner talks to David Balen. David is an insurance adviser, broker and independent financial adviser, who runs one of the largest independent insurance [...]

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