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Tao Porchon-Lynch a Master Yoga Teacher with Donna Noble

  Tao Porchon-Lynch a Master Yoga Teacher, who has led an full and varied life.  Having travelled the world imparting her great knowledge and wisdom.  At 97 years old she continues to practice yoga.  She took up Ball Room dancing in her 80’s, one month after undergoing a hip replacement operation.  She an [...]

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Healing with Everyday Foods London Event

  Healing with Everyday Foods with Daverick Leggett, TCM Practitioner & Qigong Teacher Thursday 17th March, London W1, 10am – 4.30pm ,£80 early booking Bookings and info:  020 8350 4607 / 07984 592626 To understand how to apply TCM nutritional principles in the West we must work with familiar foods that are easy to find in the [...]

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Five Elements (Wu Xing) Medical Qigong London Event

  Five Elements (Wu Xing) Medical Qigong with Darren Rose, Acupuncturist & Qigong Teacher Friday 5th February 2016, London W1,  10am – 4.30pm, £80 early booking Bookings and info:  020 8350 4607 Five Element (Wu Xing) Medical Qi Gong is a traditional system which has been developed to strengthen the body, qi and shen (mind). [...]

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Classical Chinese Medicine event London

  Classical Chinese Medicine Two weekend seminars with Sandra Hill, Acupuncturist & Editor of Monkey Press Saturday/Sunday 30th/31st January & 20/21st February 2015, 10am-4.30pm. London W1.   £130 per weekend  early booking. Bookings and info:  020 8 350 4607 Over the course of 2 weekends, experienced teacher and practitioner Sandra Hill will guide us through the fundamental [...]

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Dublin Water Protests

The protests against the enforced water charges in Ireland has been gathering numbers over the past year, where ongoing small protests from householders in communities has now led to this mass protest of thousands in Dublin, 30k are the reported numbers from organisers. The mainstream media has been pretty reluctant to report on it previously so [...]

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Stress, and your adrenal health.

It's important to have a good level of stress response, because your adrenals are a way of keeping you in balance, but we are a society that now lives on adrenaline from one end of the day to the next. From doing something as mundane as drinking a caffeine drink each morning, you are creating [...]

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Natural Health Test Post

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Vital Signs for Cancer 1 day seminar – with Xandria Williams Friday 18th July 2014

  A One Day Seminar with Xandria Williams, PhD.Naturopath, Nutritional Therapist, Homeopath, Psychotherapist Friday 18th July,  10.00am-4.30pm. London W1.   £70 / £60  early booking. bookings and info :  020 8350 4607 In the next few months Dr Xandria Williams will be presenting three talks on cancer. These will be based on her three published [...]

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Sunday 6th July – Hippocrates Living Foods 1 day workshop – London

  Hippocrates Living Foods Living Foods Lunch & Juice Included! A One Day Seminar with Nadia Brydon & Jill Swyers Hippocrates Health Educators & Raw Food Experts Sunday 6th July, 10.30am-4.30pm. London SW6.   £85 / £75 early booking. bookings and info :  020 8350 4607 Living foods are an important part of transforming our [...]

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Tom's a hit with This we know!!

One of our fabulous hosts of the show The Zone Show, Tom Evans has done it again, mind you he's good so we should really expect it of him! This We Know one of his many books is book of the week on Book Works, we are really pleased for him, and so we thought you [...]

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