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  • How Indigo Essences can help with change and transformation (26 November 2014) - In this week’s Nature Connections show I chat with Ann Callaghan about Indigo Essences and how essences in general can be really helpful in our everyday lives at this time of massive change and transformation. Listen live at midday GMT Friday November 28th or come back later to this page for the podcast. You can find out […]
  • The Rational Health Service 26th Nov show – Chris talks about pain, trigger points and mooses (well almost) (26 November 2014) - This week’s show is a solo effort, back from Canada I wanted to have a chat ansd reflect on some of my experienvces in Caanda espcially in relation to getting treatment and why some people don;t get treatment. I talk about locus of control, trigger points and pain (a theme I know!!). I meant a […]
  • The Essential Guide to Crystals by Golnaz Alibagi on Essential Wellbeing on 26th Nov 2014 (25 November 2014) - Go from drab to fab and silence your own inner critic by placing a muscovite crystal on your make-up table. Calm nerves and stay stress free by placing a black sapphire under your pillow the night before an interview. Keep the passion alive in your relationship with a red garnet placed in the bedroom. Want […]
  • 7 daily habits that are holding you back and how to overcome them (25 November 2014) - There are seven habits which you probably engage in everyday that are preventing you from living a thriving life. Is it really possible that there are seven things you do everyday that make the difference between living a thriving, joyous, abundant, fulfilling life and the mediocre life you’re living now? It may be difficult to […]
  • Lisa Arthur Rewiews, Music & Chat 24th November (24 November 2014) - Lisa Arthur Reviews – Airs Tuesday 8-9pmm UK Time Tuesday 25th November Chat, reviews,music, insights, info and music….. join me! There are short, sharp snappy reviews – food this week includes a juice bar with an odd after taste and yummy gloopy chia seeds. Lisa gets political – first time EVER – not about the […]
  • Food for Thought with Lisa Arthur Reviews (23 November 2014) - This week on Food for Thought myself and Lisa Arthur talk about David Wolfe, and the conference that he recently did in London. We talk about Steiner, the key things that are influencing David at the moment, raw foods, and how to balance your diet. Whether being raw or vegan is the right thing to […]
  • To Fertility & Beyond Interview with Blossom & Be (21 November 2014) - The Fertility and Beyond Radio show is going from strength to strength. My next interview is with the amazing ladies from Blossom and Be – Sarah Holland and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. Listen in to hear all about Blossom and Be and the amazing free fertility support available The show goes out Thursday Nov 27th @2pm Looking […]
  • Colour for the Soul (19 November 2014) - Nature Connections November 21st 2014 In this week’s Nature Connections I am joined by International Colour Therapist and Trainer, Marcia O’Regan. Marcia shares with us the long history of colour and how we are all shaped by the light around us. Marcia discusses how colour can support transformation of all kinds and leads listeners through […]
  • The Rational Health Service 19th Nov show – The Womens Health edition from Canada…. Holly Herman and Diane Lee …plus Battlestar Sciatica Part 3 (19 November 2014) - This week I am delighted to be joined by a few different people with the theme of this week being women’s health and especially post natal (post partum) health. I have been visiting Vancouver and I had the chance to catch up with Dr Holly Herman, an international lecturer on pelvic floor rehabilitation, Tamara Narreter, […]
  • I Don’t Care by Irene Brankin on Essential Wellbeing @ 1pm on Weds 19th November 2014 (18 November 2014) - This week I talk to Irene Brankin about her new book – I Don’t Care – The Art of Divine Indifference.I don’t care! Have you ever wanted to shout that out aloud? Do you find yourself doing things just to please other people, or because you think you ought to be doing it, even if […]
  • Lisa Arthur Reviews.Food Music and love (17 November 2014) - Lisa Arthur Reviews – NEW FORMAT with MORE MUSIC! Airs Tuesday 18th November 8-9pm UK time There’s a lot of products to get through – so the new format of the show will be shorter, snappier reviews, with a debrief on the blog, then some music, a bit of chat on the regular features like […]
  • Food for Thought with Jamie Lloyd Kettlebell Champion (16 November 2014) -   This week on Food for Thought Wednesday 2pm and Sunday 1pm I’m going to make you feel like a couch potato with my next guest…. Jamie Lloyd has been at the forefront of the UK health and fitness industry for over 7 years and holds certifications from some of the most prestigious personal training, […]
  • Flower Essences for our Animal Friends (13 November 2014) - In this week’s Nature Connections show I speak to Animal Healer and Flower Essence Practitioner, Jane Gilbey. Jane shares with us some very common situations in which animals can be greatly helped with flower essences, how to offer essences to your animal friends and some of her favourite essences which she uses with her own […]
  • Interview with Maggie Howell on ‘Change Your Own Mind’ – Friday 14th November (12 November 2014) - On the show this week Christy has the pleasure of welcoming the lovely Maggie Howell onto the show, who is Founder and Owner of ‘Natal Hypnotherapy’. Maggie has many years of experience of both having children herself and also the use of hypnosis during pregnancy and childbirth. Over the years she has created and refined […]
  • The Rational Health Service 12th Nov show – Who is Nadine Horn and what can she teach you about running…plus Battlestar Sciatica Part 2 (12 November 2014) - In this week’s show I am delighted to be joined by Nadine Horn. Nadine teaches people to how to improve their running technique so if you run and you are interested in improving your running technique…well….listen in as it will give you and understanding of Nadine’s intriguing background and the mind blowing challenges she has […]
  • Could you heal yourself by reconnecting to the earth? (11 November 2014) - Meet the cable guy who re-discovered a revolution in healthcare that transcends the discovery of penicillin. Clint Ober was a ‘successful’ man. He had everything that the modern western world tells us we should have to measure our success, but everything changed in 1993 when he nearly died. More accurately his physical body suitcase almost […]
  • The Forgive the Past Process with Victoria Comiskey, Essential Wellbeing 1pm on Weds 12th November (10 November 2014) - Most people are still struggling with something from their past that can leave them with negative feelings and affect how they geton in life.  What is that ONE incident; story or person that still has a hold over you, even though it ‘happened’ years ago?  This week I talk to Victoria Comiskey about The Forgive the Past Process which can help you to answer these questions. I also talk about Tea Tree Essential Oil and how essential oils can help with Eczema. Listen Again! http://aromalyne.podbean.com/mf/web/cknfgd/EssentialWellbeingChristinaLyneWeek6512thNov14CompleteShow.mp3
  • Food for Thought with Max Tuck on bone health (9 November 2014) - This week on Food for Thought Wednesday 2pm and Saturday 1pm we have the rather fabulous Max Tuck AKA The Raw Food Scientist. This week we get our teeth into bone health, we talk about the dietary needs of bones. We often don’t consider the health of our bones when we are eating, in fact […]
  • Lisa Arthur Reviews 11th November: Fake peanut butter, right sized fruit bar, Merkaba & music (6 November 2014) - Tuesday Evenings 8-9pm UK – Scroll down to the end to get the podcast! This week there’s Lisa’s reaction to ‘fake’ peanut butter – called WOWbutter – she’s not sure about it, but understands why, and talks about peer pressure and ‘replacement’ foods. Most excellent are the Beond bar ‘bites’ – an organic fruit bar […]
  • You Must Be Nuts!! Film about dementia (5 November 2014) - The film You Must Be Nuts today was released, its by director Obhi Chatterjee, whose father suffered from dementia, and his journey to discovering how to help his father deal with it. The journey included interviewing key names in nutrition and health, outlining how the reduction in dietary fats, and increase in sugar has partly […]

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