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  • Discover Craniosacral therapy on Change Your Own Mind, Friday 22nd Aug at 11am (20 August 2014) - On Friday 22nd August, Christy will be talking to Trish Spence, owner of ‘Well Being Therapies’ who is a specialist in offering Craniosacral therapy to her clients. Listen live at 11am to hear all about what this therapy involves and how it’s used. For more information about Trish and the other therapies she offers (including […]
  • Essential oils for relaxation and uplifting and the benefits of massage! (19 August 2014) - This week on Essential Wellbeing I talk to Mary Atkinson about Story Massage for Children. I then focus on the benefits of having a massage and which essential oils you can use for relaxation and uplifting. There is also Ali’s business tip all about Data Protection. Don’t miss it! 1pm on Weds 20th August!
  • Nalini of Chalice of Wisdom – Feeling nature through your bones (15 August 2014) - In this week’s Nature Connections I speak to Nalini of Chalice of Wisdom. Nalini is a transformational seer and wisdom carrier and her ability to access multi-dimensional information comes directly from Source. In this interview Nalini speaks about how we can all access the wisdom of nature “through our bones”. Nalini also shares her work with […]
  • Life & Loving It – With Feng Shui Man and Author Richard Ashworth – Wed 20th August @ 7pm (14 August 2014) - On this show Louise will be talking to Feng Shui expert Richard Ashworth. Britain’s favourite interior designer, Dragon’s Den Kelly Hoppen said that feng shui man Richard Ashworth is “the man I trust to help me organise my own office.” and according to Gillian Anderson of the X-Files, he “commands both confidence and awe”. He has studied with Derek Walters […]
  • Myrrh Essential Oil is amazing for mature skin! (11 August 2014) - Myrrh Essential Oil is amazing for mature skin helping with wrinkles and skin that looks dull and lifeless. Would you like to know more? Just listen to my show, Essential Wellbeing on Weds 13th August at 1pm!  
  • Neutral Space Relaxation with Lyn Whiteman (11 August 2014) - This week on Essential Wellbeing I talk to Lyn Whiteman about Neutral Space Relaxation which is simple and straightforward with the emphasis on pure relaxation, this system of gentle light touch bodywork is very beneficial and powerfully effective. Just listen at 1pm on Weds 13th August 2014!
  • The Blether Report – Single and Celibate Archetypes (11 August 2014) - Sensuality Discovery Specialist, Lillian Ogbogoh joins me today to talk about the mind monsters which sneak in to upset the love lives of otherwise successful, happy women. Lillian uses the god and goddess archetypes to draw ancient knowledge and myth into understanding how each of them respond to being single and celibate.  Today she shares […]
  • Davyd Farrell speaks about Plant Consciousness (8 August 2014) - In this week’s show I speak to Davyd Farrell – Director and Co-Founder of Archetype Events.
  • If you play sport, make sure you are doing this! Listen to Change Your Own Mind – Friday 11am (7 August 2014) - Do you play sport? Are you interested in one thing which you can do to improve your performance? If so, you NEED to listen to Christy on ‘Change Your Own Mind’ on Friday 8th August at 11am. Christy will talk through some interesting research into what is the one thing which separates an “OK” performance […]
  • The Blether Report – Sex after Divorce with Vena Ramphal (4 August 2014) - The #HealthyDivorce series with Vena Ramphal continues with an in-depth and frank look at the role sex plays in life after divorce.  During the Blether we cover topics such as: Your erotic body- does everybody have one The role of the soul catalyst How your body can inform your sexual skills Embarking consciously on a […]

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