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Who you gonna call- 999 or is it 111 – NHS Directs’ replacement

Fresh from the piste I return for this weeks show. I was really disappointed as I was unable to secure an appointment with the physios and doctors in St Anton. However, I wil not be beaten and I will get a chat with someone in a ski resort although […]

  • Lisa Arthur Reviews

Lisa Arthur Reviews Water Bottle and Reflects on Motivation and Manifesting

This week, there’s a water bottle that’s very clever- perfect for those of you who like to add something (electrolytes, greeens) and also like your water filtered…. (Told you it was smart).

I will be reflecting on motivation – towards people and away people – and how we’re wired differently. […]

  • Noble-Art

The Noble Art of Wellbeing Interview with Nicola Bird

Next week I get to chat to entrepreneur Nicola Bird, creator of Jigsaw Box and The Simplicity Project. Here’s hows she describes herself on her website “she is “the owner of one outrageously successful business, one crazy puppy, two cats, nine goldfish, three children and a husband” with a […]

Always Follow Your Heart

Open wide the doors of your heart
As we get started with part three of this four part series, “Always Follow Your Heart”, I am reminded of the following quote:

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” ~ Oscar […]

Shortcuts: Karen Richards – Commitment to Awareness

In this interview i talk to non-duality speaker and former nurse Karen Richards about seeing our true nature and how the direct seeing of this is always available.
Karen grew up in a small town in the heart of England and was born into a non-religious family. After a somewhat […]

Want to make changes in your life? Is one of them starting to run?

This weeks show sees me in St Anton on holiday but before I came away I had the huge pleasure of talking to Coach Chris Browne and Ben Mathew.

Chris is a coach and a motivational speaker who helps make stuff happen. If you want to change something in your […]

Yoga – where did it come from, what is it about and is it right for me?

With last weeks show talking to Nadine Horn, we started to explore little more about health than simply the physical aspect. With that theme I was keen to look further at the importance of mind and body.This can be explored in many many ways and one of those is […]