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  • Lisa Arthur Reviews 4th November 2014 Chia Pods, GoCoco, music and chat (30 October 2014) - Lisa Arthur Reviews Tuesday 4th November 2014 8pm UK Time So…….. Lisa’s Food and drink reviews this week are: Chia Pod deserts BOTH Vanilla Bean and Mango ( so good she tasted it twice!) and how they compare to a home made cheaper version. There could be a mini rant on how good Tescos is […]
  • The Rational Health Service 29th Oct show – Why is pain more complex than we think and what are 5 common myths about low back pain (29 October 2014) - This week sees the return of my voice, still a little croaky but slowly getting there !! If you heard the start of the interview with Richmond Stace last week you will be delighted to know we have the rest of that. Once again sorry regarding the sound, it is not as good as I […]
  • Essential Oils for Mature Skin, Shoulder Pain with Judith Townshend, Palmarosa and Tangerine Essential Oils. It is a packed show! (28 October 2014) - On this week’s show I talk to Judith Townshend about shoulder pain, essential oils for mature skin and I focus on Palmarosa and Tangerine essential oils. If you would like more information about workshops and courses about essential oils just go to Aromalyne. Listen at 1pm on Wednesday 29th October 2014!
  • Shortcuts: Richard Sylvester, author and speaker on non-duality (27 October 2014) - In this interview I talk to non-duality speaker and author of several books on the topic Richard Sylvester. This chat is both challenging and engaging, listen and see if it resonates with you. For thirty years Richard engaged with a variety of spiritual practices while also training in psychotherapeutic techniques and teaching counselling. Then in […]
  • To Fertility & Beyond – Interview with Nicole Witt (23 October 2014) - This month I interviewed Nicole Witt from the Beyond Infertility Community. With a name similar to my show it was always going to be a no brainer. Beyond Infertility is described as a home between 2 worlds’ infertility and fertility so tune in Thursday 23rd October to hear me talk to Nicole about her community, adoption, […]
  • Lisa Arthur Reviews 28th October 2014 – David Icke Post Wembley Download (23 October 2014) - David Icke ‘post Wembley’ Download. Aired Tuesday 28th October 8-9pm UK time Scroll down for the recording to listen and download the recording Lisa Arthur Reviews will be talking about alternative thinker, hard hitting ‘exposer of truth’, and some call spiritual messenger David Icke. He has a 10 hour show at Wembley on Saturday 25th […]
  • Lisa Arthur and Michelle Escoffery Conversations – Autumn Food Transition (23 October 2014) - Broadcasting Sunday 26th October at 10.00am UK In the UK, we’re moving from Summer to Autumn and there’s a chill in the air and our bodies need to make the transition, so as well as layers of clothes, Lisa’s no central heating experiment has thrown up the question of what to eat to keep warm (you can […]
  • Nature Connections with Marion Leigh of Findhorn Essences (22 October 2014) - This week on Nature Connections I speak to Marion Leigh, Founder of Findhorn Essences. We discuss how the Findhorn essences can support us all during this time of tremendous change on our planet, and which Findhorn essences can be used to support rescued animals. The theme that underpins our whole discussion is Supporting the Heart. […]
  • The Rational Health Service – 22nd Oct show – Is movement important and why haven’t we solved the pain problem (22 October 2014) - Sorry for the late post about todays show. As you will tell from the show I have been nursing man flu and hence I should rightly be in hospital !! Oh …ok..I jest !! This week I am joined by Shirley Sahrmann, a physical therapist from America. She has been a pioneer in promoting movement […]
  • Shortcuts: Martina Finnerty PHD and the Power of Knowing (22 October 2014) - In this program I talk to teacher, scientist, psychotherapist and more! Martina Finnerty about her unique program and work transofrming people’s beliefs and perceptions of themselves and their lives. Martina Finnerty PhD developed the “The Power of Knowing” as a means to share with people in an accessible and empowering manner the deeper meaning behind […]
  • Food for Thought with Jerome Burne Wednesday 2pm and Saturday 1pm (21 October 2014) - This week on Food for Thought we have Jerome Burne and the second part of the interview, in which we talk about supplements and the New Scientist article where they are dismissed as worthless. His article Why we shouldn’t believe the New Scientist’s claim supplements don’t work is extensively covered in this interview. 2pm Wednesday on […]
  • Julia Lawless, author of The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils talks to Christina Lyne (20 October 2014) - This week I talk to Julia Lawless, author of a number of different Aromatherapy Books including The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils.  There is Ali’s Business Tip and I talk about which essential oils can help with Asthma and Pneumonia. If you would like to join my Essentially Christmas Workshop on Saturday 29th November, 2014 in […]
  • Are You Living from Fear or Love? (16 October 2014) - We live in a dualistic universe: good or bad; right or wrong; happy or sad; love or fear. Where is your dial set, and can you change it? A Course in Miracles says that there are only two emotions that we humans operate from: love or fear. It is a sweeping statement which, at first […]
  • Lisa Arthur Reviews 22nd October 2014 – Raw Skin Food, Superfoodies Granola and Harpers Bizarre Vegan Candles (16 October 2014) - PODCAST:  DOWNLOAD THE SHOW & LISTEN BY CLICKING HERE: Lisa Arthur Reviews on Tuesday 22nd October 2014 Lisa will be bringing you all up to date on the HealthyLifestyle.Solutions experiments and tests, especially the no central heating one – chatting about what other ‘issues’ it has been bringing up, how Lisa is dealing with them, […]
  • Shortcuts: Patrick Combs on realising your dreams, living your passion (15 October 2014) - In this interview I talk to inspirational speaker, artist, coach and author Patrick Combs about his work and the open secrets to real success in life. (listen to the podcast below) With zero connections into the speaking world, at 26, Patrick set out to become a speaker and author. It was hard and he accumulated […]
  • The Rational Health Service 15th Oct show – Post Traumatic Stress and Dizziness after Whiplash and also First Aid (14 October 2014) - This weeks show has two interviews, the first with our ‘regular’ expert Chris Worsfold. Well when I say regular he is the guy that has been on the show the most! This week we are unpacking a little more about whiplash and what post traumatic stress is and why people get dizzy after whiplash injuries […]
  • Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss: listen to ‘Change Your Own Mind’ on Friday 17th October at 11am to find out more! (14 October 2014) - Do you want to lose weight? Do you have a history of ‘failed diets’? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything out there and have now given up hope being your ideal weight? Do you feel as though you have a ‘bad’ relationship with food, always making the wrong choices or eating the wrong thing? […]
  • Find out more about Ylang Ylang and Vetivert Essential Oils! (13 October 2014) - This week I talk to Mila Burgin about Biodanza.  I focus on Ylang Ylang and Vetivert Essential Oils and there is Ali’s Business Tip!  Listen at 1pm to Essential Wellbeing on Weds 15th October 2014! Listen again! http://aromalyne.podbean.com/mf/web/93tpih/EssentialWellbeingChristinaLyneWeek6015thOct14CompleteShow.mp3
  • Food for Thought Wednesday 2pm and Saturday 1pm with Jerome Burne (13 October 2014) - This week on Food for Thought we have Jerome Burne, he is the editor of HealthInsightUK, an award-winning journalist who has been specialising in medicine and health for the last 10 years and now works mainly for the Daily Mail. His most recent book “10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing” was written with nutritionist Patrick Holford. […]
  • ‘The Secret’ was never a secret: Learn how to master the ancient wisdom behind the Law of Attraction. (9 October 2014) - There is an Infinite Creative Power and You Can Use It Back in 2006 Rhonda Byrne published a book and a movie entitled The Secret. It very quickly became a massive hit and a huge brand. According to Wikipedia, after being featured in two episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, the book reached the top of […]

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