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  • Fancy learning kinesiology this coming year? (18 December 2014) -   Systematic Kinesiology - uses muscle testing to gain access to the body’s bio-feedback mechanism for information about the client. The basic tool within Kinesiology is the muscle test which is the ability to hold a muscle against light pressure.  Linda Belcher runs Kinesiology Training Courses accredited by the Association of Systematic Kinesiology in Brighton – […]
  • Shortcuts: Moira Geary – The Recombobulator! (17 December 2014) - In this podcast I talk to personal transformation expert Moira Geary about the power of her work and the incredible results she gets with clients. Moira Geary, The Recombobulator, is an ordinary woman with a rare and proven ability to help people achieve extraordinary results. She is the ‘been there, done that girl’, working with […]
  • Flower Essences for Men with Stefan Ball (17 December 2014) - Listen to our live show this Friday December 19th at 12 midday or come back for the podcast! I have such an interesting show for you this week as I interview Stefan Ball of the Bach Foundation about flower essences for men. Why is it that there are many more women than men in the […]
  • BEWARE – I bet you didn’t know the dangers lurking in Granny’s handbag….. (17 December 2014) - This weeks show sees us conclude our talk on pain which gives you lots of tips on how best to manage pain, you can hear lots more on the previous three shows. The main focus this week is on First Aid from our resident expert Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life . We talk […]
  • How do we cope when bad things happen to good people? (16 December 2014) - “Sh1t Happens” – it’s what we do next that makes a difference. In a week where many more innocent lives have been taken due to peoples beliefs and fears, I am dedicating this week’s Beyond Beliefs show to a dialogue on how we cope when bad things happen to good people. I don’t usually seek […]
  • Jamie Lloyd – Fitness Expert and author on Essential Wellbeing this week! (16 December 2014) - This week on Essential Wellbeing I talk to Jamie Lloyd who is director of Buggybells his successful fitness business in SW London. He is also Co-author of the international best selling book, ‘Total Body Breakthroughs’. Voted ‘My Hero Instructor’ by FitPro Magazine 2014 and Winner Of Best Sports Group/Fitness Classes at What’s On 4 Me […]
  • The Rational Health Service 10th Dec show – Explaining Pain (Part 3) – Some practical advice (10 December 2014) - This week is the near completion of our discussion of the explain pain book! I talk about pain that persists and I discuss different examples from my experience to illustrate some of the concepts. We talk about the effect of the immune system, hormones and boom or bust behaviour which can make existing pain a […]
  • Mending the money mind – going deeper (10 December 2014) - By changing your mind you could instantly become wealthy beyond all measure. No matter how much richer you want to be, you will only achieve to the level of your belief. Unfortunately you don’t know what you believe because it’s hidden in the subconscious part of your mind. In this week’s show (Beyond Beliefs – […]
  • Lots of different essential oils today!! (10 December 2014) - This week is an essential oil week on Essential Wellbeing – deeply relaxing oils, Roman Chamomile and essential oils which are effective for different types of hair condition! Don’t miss it! Listen Again! http://aromalyne.podbean.com/mf/web/vjq364/EssentialWellbeingChristinaLyneWeek6910thDec14CompleteShow.mp3  
  • The Rational Health Service – 3rd Dec show – Explaining Pain (Part 2) – why do you hurt? (3 December 2014) - This week’s show is another solo effort, it carries on from where we left off last week discussing pain and specifically the Explain Pain book and why pain can vary so much. There are stories, examples and more. I can’t recommend the book highly enough and is used widely by clinicians to help people understand […]
  • Zendoodling and Mindfulness with Jo Turner, Bergamot and essential oils for PMT! Essential Wellbeing @ 1pm Weds 3rd December! (2 December 2014) - This week I talk to Jo Turner, from Joodles, about her work with Mindfulness and Zendoodling.  I focus on Bergamot essential oil and essential oils that can help with PMT and there is also Ali’s Business Tip! Essential Wellbeing @ 1pm on Weds 3rd December 2014. Listen Again! http://aromalyne.podbean.com/mf/web/fji36n/EssentialWellbeingChristinaLyneWeek683rdDec14CompleteShow.mp3  
  • The Noble Art of Wellbeing Interview with Michele Pernetta (2 December 2014) -   This week on The Noble Art of Wellbeing Friday 2pm and 8pm. I’m going to make you feel like inspired and energized with my next guest…. Michele Pernetta is one of the UK’s most highly regarded teachers, having taught over a quarter of million students in her four studios and all over the world. […]
  • Mending the ‘Money Mind’ – uncovering myths, legends, and beliefs about money (2 December 2014) - What do you really believe about money? In today’s western society more people are stressing about their financial situation than ever before. More people are living in so called first world countries yet they are experiencing third world poverty, and the gap between the haves and the have-nots is widening on a daily basis. Where’s […]
  • Food for Thought this week with Karen Tate (1 December 2014) -   This Wednesday at 2pm on the very last Food for Thought I’m taking a bit of a diversion into goddess territory with Karen Tate Radio show host and author of Voices of the Sacred Feminine, voted by bloggers as one of the most influential and dedicated “Goddess advocates” of the present day, author of Sacred […]
  • How Indigo Essences can help with change and transformation (26 November 2014) - In this week’s Nature Connections show I chat with Ann Callaghan about Indigo Essences and how essences in general can be really helpful in our everyday lives at this time of massive change and transformation. You can find out more about Ann and her team and the Indigo Essences here http://www.indigoessences.com Download this episode (right click and […]
  • The Rational Health Service 26th Nov show – Chris talks about pain, trigger points and mooses (well almost) (26 November 2014) - This week’s show is a solo effort, back from Canada I wanted to have a chat ansd reflect on some of my experienvces in Caanda espcially in relation to getting treatment and why some people don;t get treatment. I talk about locus of control, trigger points and pain (a theme I know!!). I meant a […]
  • The Essential Guide to Crystals by Golnaz Alibagi on Essential Wellbeing on 26th Nov 2014 (25 November 2014) - Go from drab to fab and silence your own inner critic by placing a muscovite crystal on your make-up table. Calm nerves and stay stress free by placing a black sapphire under your pillow the night before an interview. Keep the passion alive in your relationship with a red garnet placed in the bedroom. Want […]
  • 7 daily habits that are holding you back and how to overcome them (25 November 2014) - There are seven habits which you probably engage in everyday that are preventing you from living a thriving life. Is it really possible that there are seven things you do everyday that make the difference between living a thriving, joyous, abundant, fulfilling life and the mediocre life you’re living now? It may be difficult to […]
  • Lisa Arthur Rewiews, Music & Chat 24th November (24 November 2014) - Lisa Arthur Reviews – Airs Tuesday 8-9pmm UK Time Tuesday 25th November Chat, reviews,music, insights, info and music….. join me! There are short, sharp snappy reviews – food this week includes a juice bar with an odd after taste and yummy gloopy chia seeds. Lisa gets political – first time EVER – not about the […]
  • Food for Thought with Lisa Arthur Reviews (23 November 2014) - This week on Food for Thought myself and Lisa Arthur talk about David Wolfe, and the conference that he recently did in London. We talk about Steiner, the key things that are influencing David at the moment, raw foods, and how to balance your diet. Whether being raw or vegan is the right thing to […]

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